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  1. Vray for Houdini

    It was a bug with houdini.prefs file, generated by Houdini itself(i.e. not modified by anyone). Something in this file made Houdini to show me just like 5 auxiliary nodes in Vray MatBuilder, like 'transform' or 'null' or 'merge' and that's it, nothing more. When I deleted it and it was regenerated by Hou, I got all VRay nodes back. Bug filed to Chaos.
  2. Vray for Houdini

    I'm having an issue with materials actually...is it just me have like 5 aux nodes in vray mat builder? I mean there's no even textures, so I'm assuming it's either my setup or no one have them.
  3. Reviving old thread: with merge op. The question is how to make transition graphs for each agent with different set of motions, and then feed it into the DOP...
  4. Yes, there was a confusion with version numbers, partially caused by MS numbering: VS2015 containt vc14, VS2013 - vc12, and for some reason i thought H15 is using vc12. Will try vc11 in a few. But yep, some error message in console about version mismatch or macroed compile time error would be useful.
  5. Wrong version of compiler it was, problem solved. For some reason thought H15 using vc12 instead of 11
  6. Since Houdini13 changed the way particles work, there's a question: is it possible to setup particle simulation in dop network, add fuel/temp attributes to it with point wrangle, and then source these values into pyro object/solver in the same dop network, without pushing the data to sops and back, i.e. having both particle/pyro simulations in a single dopnet? Thanks in advance.
  7. static RBD world position

    After some forum searching i found that i can get RBD world position with a simple expression adding "t" and "p" together. So, i'm trying to use world position(or, say, some expression using WP to calculate distance to breaker) to make objects active with "Active Value" for some breaking effect. The problem is that "t" and "p" are getting updated just when RBD is active, while all my objects are static at start. Is there any really reliable and simple way to get RBD world position or centroid for static(or well, any kind) objects right in the DOP Network, without transferring data to chops/without foreach, etc, etc? Thanks.
  8. *Upping old thread* So, if that debris tool is "pos", what the "proper" way to emit debris either from Fractured Object or from the Glue Object these days? What techniques are you using, people?
  9. Actually....bell dinged in my head right after i've tried to make a workaround in plugin code for that: i recalled one of my first Houdini quick tests with breakable torus, and that it was full of strange glitches, seems that's exactly the problem i've ran into: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9XbkqSWFuxg
  10. I'm making a Houdini <-> Maya connector, and after some time wasted in attempts to find bug in my library, to my surprise i found that geometry produced by "make breakable" tool contains "NaN" coordinates. I mean not all points, but at some frames, some polygons(1-2 per mesh) looks like consists totally out of "NaN" points Is it normal at all, and does anyone seen this behavior before? GEO_Vertex vtx; UT_Vector4 pos; ... vtx = prim->getVertexElement(i); pos = vtx.getPos() * wMatrix; // <---- NaNs here [/CODE] What makes me really wonder is that NaNs appears not at the start of the simulation but at the frame 98, and geometry topology isn't changed at this frame - it's all the same shards, just moved a bit away. Also simulation is quite compact in space, so it's not float/double overflow. Any other geometry seems working just fine, it seems just breakable are "buggy".
  11. RSS Feeds Link Problem

    Damn, i thought i've got a virus or something Thanks for explanation.
  12. Smoke trails after the burning aircraft

    Oh, totally missed the new H12.1 and assets shop thingy, going to look at it. Thanks for suggestions.
  13. My colleague(they're working mainly in Maya) asked me about some ideas on how to make a smoke trails after the burning aircraft. The scene is modeled according to real world units, and the aircraft is really moving at it's "real" speed in 3d. Camera views ranging from close-ups with just the head of burning to perspective views behind the aircraft along the trails. I've tried few simulations in Houdini with cranked up substep settings(like 70, or emitter leaving the container and resizer not even catching that movement and fail to resize the container). So, i wanted to ask, if you people maybe got some experience with such a simulations, and could suggest some Houdini workflows for that type of effects? Thanks in advance.
  14. Flip Fluid Sand Girl

    Does anyone tried this hip file in H12? I'm getting error on loading and empty pop network. I was able to cache geo, but cannot find any node loading it.