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  1. Hi everyone I just recently started playing around with Houdini hair after finishing a very difficult job done with Yeti. I am trying to assess houdini hair as a possible new solution for hair and fur. But I have one small issue that I cant find any solutions for it: Basically after setting up the fur for the model (I am using the Add Fur tool from the shelf) everything is fine and I can use the different attributes like length and bend to adjust the overall look, But as soon as I groom the fur using one of the shelf tools like "length adjust" or "cut hair" I cant tweak the overall attributes like length or bend etc anymore and it seems like after grooming the hair using any of these tools I lose the ability to adjust the overall attributes. I was wondering if this is probably a bug in hair tool? I have attached my test scene as well. I would appreciate any helps. Thanks in advance! Sina fur_pipe_test_01_v01_t05.hip
  2. Hi Diego Thanks for your reply I have never tried H Engine before, Would you mind explaining the workflow?
  3. Hi guys This questions might have been asked several times before, But even after going through a lot of relevant posts and forums I didn't get a clear answer of what is the best way of doing this. Well basically I am working on an RBD sim for our current project atm and have some particles emitting from the impact points of my RBD shards when they hit the ground. I need to export these particles from Houdini and render it in Maya, using either Maya classic particles or nparticles attributes. I tried both exporting as alembic cache and fbx, but none of them worked, I can bring the caches back in Houdini with no problem but Maya just does not recognise particles exported from Houdini. I managed to bring the particles in Maya using Vray proxy but in that case the particles are imported under a geo node and are not treated as particles so I don't have access to any relevant attributes for particles. Based on my research people are recommending exporting .bin files using the realflow for Houdini plugin or using "Crate" to translate the particles alembic caches from Houdini into maya. But before convincing my company to implement any of these I was wondering if there is any easier way of doing this using native Houdini and Maya tools, as I am assuming that many people have had this issue before. Sorry for the long post I appreciate any help Thanks Sina
  4. Hi guys I have a RBD sim which I am trying to get the impact data of the shards hitting the ground, Using the RBD Impact shelf tool I can get the impact data of the RBD shards with each other, but I want to get only the impact data when shards hit the ground. I was wondering if there is any way of doing that? I would appreciate any help. Thanks Sina
  5. Hah spent a lot of time trying to group objects based on impact with ground, and it was so simple! Thanks very much anim, really appreciate it Sina
  6. Hi guys I have a pre-fractured RBD object which I applied the "make breakable" shelf tool to it. My plan is to get a second level of fracture on only the shards that hit the ground, but with my current set-up using Make Breakable tool, I get fractures on all the impacts (whether its shards hitting each other or when objects hit the ground or other static objects.) As mentioned before I am trying to find a solution to limit the breaks only to the shards that hit the ground. In other words I only want the shards that hit the ground to break. I would appreciate any help Many thanks Sina
  7. Hi everyone We are using Houdini for one of our coming projects. I have done a moving cloud test that I want to render on farm. We have only one licence of Houdini and we are using HQueue renderer for farm rendering,but for some reason I cant get HQueue to work, I have done a lot of tweaks so far but still I get errors when I hit render on HQueue, I am fairly new to Houdini and its the first time I am trying to render something on the farm, I would really appreciate it if someone can explain what is the general procedure of putting a houdini file on farm for render using HQueue, I have attached the hip file as well. Thanks demonic_cloud_test_1_h006_farmTest.hip
  8. Thanks very much teratera It seems likes its working now! I could never come up with a solution like that! I had read that one possible way of transferring point colors to volumes is through Volume VOPs, but I just didnt know how to implement it! Thanks for spending time fixing the scene, Really appreciate it
  9. Hi everyone I`ve got a scene which I am emitting smoke from a particle burst , I was wondering is there any way to make the pyro sim inherit the color of each particle? I have assigned a random color on each particle and I am trying to figure out a way to make the pyro sim emit the color of the particle that its being emitted from, I followed this this thread: http://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_forum&Itemid=172&page=viewtopic&p=118017&sid=a13123677f0c1d2824ca073068dd2c5f and tried to exactly replicate one of the example scenes (utilizing "SOP Vector Field" and "Gas Advect Field" ) but at the end my final pyro sim is white both in render and in viewport, I have attached the hip file that I am working on, I would appreciate any help Also alternatively is there any way of transferring the point colors onto volumes? since I was thinking that maybe one solution could be caching the pyro sim and transferring the particle colors onto it afterwards, but it seems like there in no default way of transferring points color onto volumes, Regards Sina get_pyro_color_from_particles.hipnc
  10. Thanks alot teratera and anim, In the meanwhile I managed to get the same result by using a second "fluid source SOP" to source just the velocity of the particles and merge it with the density "source volume" in DOP, But using a "VDB from particles" seems like a more straight forward way of doing this, Also tried the "Field Force DOP" as well, it gives the same results but just with a tiny bit more tweaking! Thanks again guys really appreciate it Sina
  11. Hi everyone I am trying to source POPs velocity into DOPs to drive a pyro sim, I followed Peter Quint`s tutorial on Particle smoke: https://vimeo.com/11194348, and tried to source the particles velocity using "vector field DOP" and "gas particle to field DOP", But no matter what I do I can not get it work, I also tried using a "POP solver " and attaching it into the "velocity update" input of the pyro solver, it works for flip fluid sims but not for pyro sims, I am relatively new to Houdini and I can not figure out what I am doing wrong or even if this is the right approach to source POPs velocity for using in pyro sims. I have attached my hip file I would really appreciate any help. Regards Sina POPs_velocity_to_DOPs.hipnc
  12. Hi everyone Just recently finished one of my Houdini test projects, It was mainly for practicing RBD sims, shading, lighting and rendering (Mantra) and also to get a better understanding of outputting passes in Houdini, Please watch the final video here: Hope you like it! Sina
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