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  1. Obscurus of Fantastic Beasts

    Advect particle with a curl noise velocity field?
  2. RTX3090 / Houdini / Windows 10

  3. RTX3090 / Houdini / Windows 10

    Not sure if it's due to the complexity of my setup, but have issue myself with my Asus strix OC 3090 RTX. 'houdini run out of memory' error message while it doesn't use half of 128gig RAm and same for GPU... ? I also think Sidefx definitively needs also to put more effort in GPU preview , 18.5 was a first step but ..
  4. [Solved] Grid to sphere with Bend Sop

    I always hate mapping a precise patern on sphere, planet, without breaking, and without distortion at each poles. How do you guys deal with that stress? Here's one way but in substance.. Using point deform to compensate the distortion on each poles is what im thinking right now but may there there is a better way? @Atom @f1480187@konstantin magnus
  5. I like you pig Tesan, probably Elon musk will too
  6. roooohh.. ringstation_surface_rnd_vinceC.mp4
  7. After i was wondering, how sidefx compute the deform wrap option in their unified noise, like the gradient wrap? A gradient from the texture i guess is precompute and use to drive the deformation.. i don't know but i found this interesting and didn't notice any discussion on this point before ________________________________________________________________ Vincent Thomas (VFX and Art since 1998) Senior Env and Lighting artist & Houdini generalist & Creative Concepts http://fr.linkedin.com/in/vincentthomas
  8. Thanks @konstantin magnus, interesting solution as usual i didn't thought about using that approach in this special case. But i have already image the same in a case that i could inject some details into each tile, like kitbashing a lib of displacement maps. So you would have to pick one map for a pointed directory and loop for each variant in the scattering, still have trouble to remember how to do that, i think i saw it before but never done it myself, excepted with output geo with pdg and using trail so i only select one geo file on the disk and not a directory. How would you do that ? Im not much a fan of shader's tool as it's too dependant of the renderer and i like to see my result live but yeah off course, you could displace to the pixel level and not poly, that's big deal hardsurface_proceduralhoudini_test.mp4
  9. @Aizatulin thanks, kind of works but i use this syntax detail("/obj/Cluster_RBD_GroundCrackedlook/attribpromote2", "fRotationAngle",0)
  10. Are you talking about the parallel transport algorithm Tesan? It's a different purpose and it's for curves, not surface , no? Idea was to have something like this, first pic but on more complex pattern, like my custom manhattan voronoi how in pic2 Im going to try what @Aizatulin suggested, i remember the detail way for some reason, it's still hard for me not to believe there are not a more simple way to pass parameter
  11. My idea was just by a wrangle, add a random angle per piece then in a loop, do a ramp contrained by the bounding volume using the angle value created before. I tried using the lab ramp, but failing to inject there by attribute as said. Just a syntax issue a guess to inject @ into local variable. Always hate that part, with hscript on one side and vex... I will see if i could built everything in vex , i guess that's the proper way, but is my brain agree with that?
  12. Hey Tesan! Yes, that's too great and huge library actually. Now , i realized i never used then. I tried the z_VORONI_FRACTURE_GRADIENT, it's super slow and not sure it does the same thing. But too be honest i have to pay a little bit more attention, i use almost no lib now inside lab, qlib.. and Feelib man... there are 500 had there, i installed once, it pollutes too much my flow and i realize it was taking me more time trying to understand the purpose of one HDA than building mine
  13. Hello After my voronoid fracture (with Manhattan approximation) , i will like to give each cell a different ramp attribute to drive and build my displacement. Like in substance. I have trouble to implement this in vex directly, and i want to use the lab ramp. I unlocked the had, but once again ,i failed to drive the circle prim arc value with my attribute generated before, unique per piece. i definevely have trouble with that, to drive my local variable with a attribute @.. I could do in a transform by using : point(opinputpath(".",0), $PT, "fRotationAngle", 0) but not in the subnetwork of the lab gradient tool... it doesn't recognize my attribute... it's what i wrote below Any idea for a fix, or in a brute force vex approach please guys? cheers, vincent* @konstantin magnus
  14. Hi everyone So i built my many terrains, looking great, one was approved, cool. But when i increase the heightfield density to get the full potential of my heightfield it failed ( I started with a heightfield file generated in another process, here it's where i blend all tiles seamlessly and deform, layout, add crater impacts and so on...) So far Houdini is unable to resolve that, it cooking forever, not running out of RAM (i have 128gig) but never finished or stop... The height patch is especially heavy but even without it's failed.. Any suggestion to solve that important issue? Note that i increase the default size output limit to more than 10k as my final heightfield is larger than that. After i could split it but i first get to the point i have a seamless terrain with all my tiles to do that, which it seam impossible for Houdini to do as soon as i decrease the division size (terrain is obviously large too) Any suggestion would be welcome, thanks ! vince* ________________________________________________________________ Vincent Thomas (VFX and Art since 1998) Senior Env and Lighting artist & Houdini generalist & Creative Concepts http://fr.linkedin.com/in/vincentthomas