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  1. Hard Surface Design

    Im not using voxel at all here, it's regular geo, clean topo. It's easy to have perfect design with a voronoi sphere, try to add as many complexity as i have and on make a head nor a random abstract form then render 100 random iteration. We will see it's hard to not have few of then which are less lucky than others... Or i have missed something. If it would be so easy i will see many example but not now i have seen the work from only two people in the all planet who has publicly shown what i consider great result there... If i missed something please prove me im wrong
  2. Hard Surface Design

    Here's few bot example the process could give birth ... Actually some details could only be seen in 4k. Screenshot will give you an idea how the geometry built looks like. It was another experimental research, not saying im happy with everything and i will adapt according for the next try. But this is mostly a non technical question. This is kind of network driven by DG will be a good candidate to feed a Machine learning model like i shown on linkedin before with the Skull generation. Click on each image to see HD version.
  3. Hard Surface Design

    This is Procedural Design in Houdini . Everything is generated, on the fly with PDG and custom process and algorithm from the head primitive. This is not a render by the way, just OpenGL capture Sorry after upload , i realized my animated GIF seem not accepted by the server, image is not updating, and i can find a way to delete my post... ________________________________________________________________ Vincent Thomas (VFX and Art since 1998) Senior Env and Lighting artist & Houdini generalist & Creative Concepts http://fr.linkedin.com/in/vincentthomas
  4. If you have UV on the original prim you could maybe use that UV to get the point to 2d space, it's easier to rebuild a surface there , then with XYZ and PrimUV get back to the original 3dspace... You could use minimal graph algorithm to connect random points instead of connect adjacent points. Also i would not call this "simple vex " but have a look at the following example Polygonal Voronoi.hipnc
  5. Smooth deformer for organic modeling

    Could you not use something like this Antoine?
  6. Smooth deformer for organic modeling

    Happy new year guys Not sure what you are looking to do but i sometimes do use a wrangle with a point cloud or volume approach for this kind of need
  7. Houdini Xmas

    Happy new year guys!
  8. Packing sorted by an attribute?

    Yes, UV layout is a complex operation to build from scratch , if you are interested, you could learn more about the theory there by looking for this paper Least squares conformal maps for automatic texture atlas generation" by levy et al, https://members.loria.fr/Bruno.Levy/papers/LSCM_SIGGRAPH_2002.pdf I agree with Konstantin Solution, looks like a solution to me. Matt delete a random piece, but you could establish rule and as copy on the UV 0.1 space
  9. Hard Surface Design

    You mean edge seam from your boolean operation if it's what you are doing here? Have you enable to output abseam group in the boolean? They will get some seam edge that, but i can't guarantee they will be clean. Looking at how simple your shape are they should be okay now I don't like surface boolean, to my experience they hardly give clean edges and may fuck your topology. Off course on basic shape and stuff, yeah it's working but after on something complex with intrigue and numerous shapes... Maybe you could polycut instead of boolean
  10. You such a gentleman @konstantin magnus, and i learn so much from you off course! i can't refuse you anything, excepted maybe to kiss my girlfriend i will send you one personal tool i have done
  11. Im afraid, the sidefx orient bounding box is easy to fail, just a simple transform and it doesn't line the obj properly in Y I would useg eigen vectors for this . A more simple way will be to use labs did straighten sop were you have to select groups for orientation. or maybe you could measure the longest edge and use the rotation different with the Y axis to align with some matrix maths?
  12. Vellum loop?

    @Noobini @toadstorm @Atom I m generating one variation for every frame, slow transformation mutation depending on time, so i using Frame and not a random Seed value in PDG. Now i also need a vellum sim for each mutation, so each frame. How could i force vellum to not try to read my input every frame. I thought the Quasistatic mode will do that, but not what i could see excepted if i dive inside and change to "timeless no history" but in the case , vellum doesn't do its job too... I looked the vellum brush network, it using some stash. Is there a way in python to dynamically stash a geo and unstash it after. Or do you have one solution ? Im sure it should have a simple one, just can't figure it out... i was thinking of using a trigger attribute with a switch ... Idea, illumination, suggestion , i take everything !
  13. Procedural Design

    Im having issue with Vellum. Im generating a bot every frame (at keeping the seed at frame level is easy for me to quickly check my algorithm) and for my cable network this time i will like to run a vellum sim. I could make it work if i freeze the time no issue there. Now i was hoping the Quasistatic mode will take care of one the input frame is feed, it could run the sim from that without trying to read my input anymore... That's doesn't work. It only doing this if i dive inside and disable 'Timeless no history' but in the case, it's like no vellum simulation . Your suggestion will be welcomed , cheers guys
  14. Procedural Design

    Procedural design research, Heads are tricky... Still have issue to creat the cable network. Im using the quasistic mode with no cache history in vellum as every bot is generated every frame so timeshift is not really what im looking for and i need more than 100 frames after to have my sim stable enough for an output... Still fighting with the collision between cables (cables are not shown in my OpenGL capture below) ... Grrrrgrrhh ________________________________________________________________ Vincent Thomas (VFX and Art since 1998) Senior Env and Lighting artist & Houdini generalist & Creative Concepts http://fr.linkedin.com/in/vincentthomas