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  1. Substance SHOP to Material

    Substance is the 2D houdini equivalent, so powerfull . We should put the pressure on then, they alweebbeen working hard to listen people and address their needs
  2. ship on an ocean +displacement

    Yes but the tilling repeatitive patern will appear quite evident if you use the default houdini ocean spectrum noise. One possible thing to help is to distort the UV by another noise
  3. Dandelion Wire Simulation

    Lets bring back to life the Dandelion question with the new spring coming here! Did someone had more try doing this recently?
  4. Caskal Learning Thread

    Intriging and beautifull man.. how did you achieve it?
  5. Flip Sink Gradient

    Definively interesting and logic idea. Pardom me for your young experience, how will this sop solver will look like ? i miss some previous to know how to implement this correctly in houdini even if the concept is quite clear Cheers guys
  6. Flip Sink Gradient

    Hi Did you find a solution for this ?
  7. Thanks for your answer. Not the smoother and most handy solution i could imagine, a pain if there are no other way
  8. Upgrade Houdini file from non commercial file to commercial version... I guess very clear what it is supposed to do isn it? Yes, its a really a pity, why isn it notpossible or you have to use so much tricks? And what about people who start using a non commercial version and whoare switching after? Such time lost indeed... Looking forward your suggestion and opinion, cheers bout.de.lune@gmail.com
  9. Deleting FLIP particles with POP?

    Hi guys Im actually looking myself for a way not to delete, which i manage to do already but with a distance falloff value for smoother transition.. Any suggestion ? Cheers,
  10. Hi1 Is still the best way to go with the latest houdini built? Cheers
  11. fluid attract problem

    Did you succeed in making your portal wormhole effect?
  12. Maelstrom

    but I m facing a similar issue at the moment did you manage to progress? Im just starting FX in houdini but on the other hand i have been asked to do such an effect.. with ground collapsing as well... Could someone help me please?
  13. Maelstrom

    Hope to hear from you guy, thanks