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  1. Blend positions between uneven topology meshes

    Hola @konstantin magnus I remember a google demo and this other method . The point count will change during the transition of shapes, but the convex hull retains point attributes during the process, you can easily keep track of point id's to maintain a correspondence with the original mesh and use optimal transport Have a look at the work of the great Jake rice, i just found again the link, here is https://colab.research.google.com/github/jakericedesigns/Smooth-Shape-Blends/blob/main/notebooks/Smooth_Shape_Blends.ipynb#scrollTo=0eKI4oAAqo8X ________________________________________________________________ Vincent Thomas (VFX and Art since 1998) Senior Env and Lighting artist & Houdini generalist & Creative Concepts http://fr.linkedin.com/in/vincentthomas
  2. Houdini 20 Wishlist

    * Better Python script editor. (with clean color coded syntax , similar to sublime with python module)
  3. Tutorial HIP Library

    I put this one here, in case someone need this kind of use with MRSI data or so.... volume_from_images.zip
  4. Tutorial HIP Library

    FEM Vs Vellum vellum_vs_fem.hip
  5. Tutorial HIP Library

    Yes, it's strange no? i haven't seen this before. Still speaking of the previous example, it might confuse some people that the channel CHOP has no effect currently. Just fix the output in the channel CHOP network
  6. Tutorial HIP Library

    Thanks for this . I m surprised how at the first step with cope sop, it's like the bend is doign the same thing as pscale... ? That's a good way to interpolate hair sim with few guide. I would personnaly use vellum but i know Tesan you are a CHOP master
  7. Houdini 20 Wishlist

    Big part of the USD solaris push is not only the metaverse stuff, or multi format asset for delivery onj multi platefoom in one stream, but in film, show are getting more and more shots, which required collaboration between different vendors. And clients are pushing to not only share the geometry as before, but also lookdev with material X stuff.... It's a big topic, you could see interesting discussion on Sidefx, from how Rise has done it, how Folks tried to reorganized the old sidefx bar scene 'and using lot of TOP nodes), DD too... There a funny anecdote .Disney was planning to migrate in 18 months. it tooks 3 or 4 years At least i will prefer to face Solaris and USD, than to send maya to houdini to Katana If houdini and Solaris were fully open source like blender , we will see a huge boost , the power of world contribution ... You can't beat that Im don't know how the position of central pipeline software like shotgun on this....
  8. Inflate mesh

    On this topic we discussed about, look at this.... https://www.shadertoy.com/view/7tyyzW
  9. Houdini 20 Wishlist

    I guess it's probably a question of human resource and priority for Sidefx. One thing is certain, USD and its integration is called to be changed if they want to reach that "copy paste" paradimn. It's for sure quite tiring to have built new networks and scene graph which tend to become quite baroque quickly, just to convert your scene to a USD scene in a proper way while the screen is already live in your viewport and ready to render.. Im not sure our producers start add this time to the schedule... Or let's say certainely not. And not everyone know how. While it's easier to find people who will render straight and not having to take care of this time consuming extra steps.. If you are a freelancer, you basically have to take one week of unpaid holidays to learn this Ideally that should be transparent and the different contexts should be more linked till the start. I guess when using some strict naming convention which could help automate to the USD step building less painful and faster... By the way, is ther enot a way to just brute force your full scene from SOP and just be able to render it more or less straight away in Solaris? I thought sidefx did a specific node which internally convert everything to LOP but at least you should nore much take care of it.. v*
  10. Houdini 20 Wishlist

    Salut Manu ca va bonhomme?? I m by no way at all an UDS expert, It's quite complex like ACES and color management.. I would like just to try to give my opinion on this one ; "In game where you want to work with FBX / GLTF for ex why bother with a tools that is basically interfacing .USD description ? " USD is not perfect , but considering all the other alternative, it's at the moment the best option and it's starting to be adopted everywhere now. The industry is pushing for building the metaverse, "creatoverse" where you could think a 3d asset , the same as a 2d asset, and allow to be "cut and paste" into almost everything and could be seen on different platform like Playstation, unreal, your phone, a virtual headset, unity engine of a desktop, and that has to still be true on 5 years. Building game at today standard is a high demanding and long effort, you have to prepare it for multiple outpust and other specificatiosn . USD allow you to combine this in the same stream with the material surface property description included more smartly. Then there is the layer paradigm which will make the easier to have multiples users collaborate on the same stream without breaking the work on your colleague. Which is clearly a step forward compared to FBX. People really push to find in the metaverse, the same possibility to share any piece of the world's representation, like people do today on instagram , facebook or so in.. But to make this possible in 3d as well in a transparent fun way for everyday user... (i personnaly think there is too much buzz around it, and we don't specially need to move the web to a metaverse experience at all, but there are much more important thing which we should pay more attention , but that's another question) Now USD is pretty much half ready now to my understanding there are still many thing we need to move on. I guess it's also Pixar decided to Open-source it. Like we should agree on some animation rigging convention, on some interaction description for example, not only surface shading. I think there are also struggles with LOD and runtime. - Finally one last important thing and question, could Karma *render and load* as fast on a full complex scene when using FBX with animation import, shader and all? For performance, USD seem to be what was needed to improve the viewport performance , and "live" interactively ... - Now that's has been For me, the need to make this as simple, transparent and efficient as possible is pretty much obvious. Same for python state. Blender's user don't even need to take care , in houdini there is pretty much an effort from Sidefx to do here i think or Blender could eat even more of the market if it keeps going at this speed... Now all is just my personnal opinion and at this date i will also add. Forgave me and please correct if i also missed some points. I have developpeing some complex world building tool recentlyy for a studio in Houdini and Unreal and i haven't spet much time on Karma or USD... Yeah i heard your pain Many, to be fair with you, i'm not impatient at all to try USD, really not! ________________________________________________________________ Vincent Thomas (VFX and Art since 1998) Senior Env and Lighting artist & Houdini generalist & Creative Concepts http://fr.linkedin.com/in/vincentthomas
  11. Identify open surfaces

    measure area non equal to zero?
  12. Houdini 20 Wishlist

    - I will renew my request for the third year a tag based search in wrangle save presets - Less viewport bug please! I have quite often to close the viewport and open it again. - If an OpenCL node reaches max GPU Ram, my all workstation station and everything running should be corrupted my all station and everything running. - Ok, here the purist will cry at me and try to shot me . Im totally addicted to Houdini but im a little frustrated that in Blender you could do this (Video attached ) in a smoother way without having to read 2 books and write python viewer state, then having to send all data to Solaris and so on... Even people from Sidefx admitted yes, they have been a little late actually it's great to be able to dive and hard code anything you need, but today speed and flow is also as important... To be honest, i have been too much busy lately to make tools for my client between Houdini and Unreal, and didn't investigate much in working with Karma and how powerful and practical you could work in the shader level with all SOP data easily accessible, and be able to preview quickly most checkpoint of your shader, but i expect great care in both directions and obviously new milestone to the promising Karma XPU.. - Cops, Chops need an update and performance boost... - Quad meshing... But i think last time you have something great coming so hope. - More solid link with Substance as for now it's a bit useless, and Unreal engine v3. ________________________________________________________________ Vincent Thomas (VFX and Art since 1998) http://fr.linkedin.com/in/vincentthomas ms4.mp4.mp4
  13. Houdini 20 Wishlist

    Will that mean we could count your voice for the long started NURB threat ?
  14. Scatter without selfpenetration

    Hey Thanks ! Yes i know this solution too. But in my case, i m not sure i want to run over 4000 bullets sim I found how to help by using a pre scatter with wanted orientation, and layout after. Abd also rotating the island of the main direction to follow to further help while also compensating with ratio by few basic math, it's a bit hacky but do the job. Can't pretend it has the elegance of a @konstantin magnus's solution, but as soon is result is good , fast and consistent , im okay
  15. Scatter without selfpenetration

    I wish we could have some option to control the orientation of each asset in the UVlayout, so it will try as much as possible to maintain the initial orientation and also output the matrix transformation with pscale of each piece @konstantin magnus . noIntersectPackByUVlayout.hip