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  1. Hello, From Houdini's help: "NURBS surfaces might distort the crept geometry due to the non-uniformity of their U and V knot sequence. If the knots are not laid out uniformly (as in the case of a NURBS spline), knots closer together will squash the crept geometry in the corresponding surface region." How to preserve shape of my geometry and avoid that squashing due non-uniformity of UV knot sequence? I've tried basis and refine SoP, nothing happen. In Houdini 8 Creep SoP was working fine [for me], UV knots weren't distoring geometry [Z axis on Creep SoP]. Sidefx support gave me answer that H8 Creep SoP was buggy. Is there any solution to preserve the shape of crept geo [in Y world axis] in H13? creepBug.hipnc