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  1. Bell-Shape Flower's petal detail

    Thanks it's a nice suggestion for bringing some details to the edge ;D
  2. Bell-Shape Flower's petal detail

    Hello everyone, I'm modeling a bell-shape flower I think I got the shape about 80% but i need some suggestions to get the detail wave on the petal Do you think my current method is somehow impossible to get to the goal? Thank you for your time Ask_Flower.hip
  3. Thanks for your reply It looks right at first but when i set feather number to 6 then the variant number only goes from 0 to 3 And when it's set to 1 the result is really odd
  4. Hello, I have a bunch of feather patterns that i want to be in order of a curve Right now I can make it to 3 version, but I have 6 so I couldn't figure out a cleaner way to do it So from the current curve point order I want to align feather pattern 1 to 5 and the last point will be pattern 6 I'm almost there just need a cleaner way rather than compare from 0 to 6 I hope I explained it clearly. Thank you for your time Ask_Copy_With_Variation_In_Order.hip Also right now I can procedurally place feather along the wing but doesnt have anything to create the S of curve at the end of the wing. If you think of anything I would love to hear
  5. Modeling Dry Fruit And Color by Attribute

    Omg Master You killed it @.@ It's like a dream to see such simple and clean nodes can produce such amazing result. I can sleep with ease now Thank you so so so so much for your reply I can push the like button 1 million times Have a good day master
  6. Modeling Dry Fruit And Color by Attribute

    Wow yeah definitely really a nice suggestion. I can't imagine it can divided like that in Houdini wow Thank you so much
  7. Hello everyone, I have a question about modeling the dry fruit. I manage to created the shape of normal fruit but cant figure how to create the dry version Does anyone have any idea to create this kind of shape? I'm pleasure to hear your suggestion And also what kind of attribute to can create such gradient in the flower photo? Thank your for your time Ask_Fruit.hip
  8. Vellum Pile up with seed shape

    Oh I see, Thank you for the suggestion. And thank you so much for the swap low res for sim. It's really new thing to me. Really grateful for your help and time Thankssssss
  9. Vellum Pile up with seed shape

    Hey, Thanks for pointing it out. Now I understand why it created a gap evenly between them Please correct me if I misunderstood you, I should use Vellum objects to preserve the shape and the bullet solver right? Thank you for your time!
  10. Vellum Pile up with seed shape

    Hello, I'm trying to create a pile of seed. I searched and found a topic in the forum said about the candy made with rbd but the candy is much bigger in size than a seed so the number is quite too extreme I gave up and give vellum a try. Right now I can pile it up but for some reason it has strange orient and a huge gap between them I gave up with overlapping and intersect. Now I'm desperate to know how making it looks like a pile Thank you for reading this Pile_ASK.hip
  11. Hello there, I use a lot of python tools to speed up my workflow. But lately for some reason my Houdini shelf got messed up and a few turned into undefined? Is there any way to fix this? when I left click it said "Menu item filter expression should return an integer" Thank you for your time
  12. Procedurally Set Pivot for object

    Oh, sorry for not explain clearly my purpose. I created a l-system and get the point to scatter the leaf. I used random scale in L-system to it more organic but it start intersecting. So at first my purpose is fixing some intersect leaves by manually rotate it. In Maya normally I can snap pivot to fix it easily, but in Houdini I just can't snap the pivot so I thought maybe there is a way to fix the pivot position procedurally. And thank you so much for your code. It amazing and beyond my imagination Actually, I tried to add some wind to the leaf by adding to a divided box and point deform it, but it's not how the leaf rotates with noise. Now with your help I can see somehow it's possible. Thank you again for sharing those codes and light my day
  13. Procedurally Set Pivot for object

    Thank you for replying me. Yeah you are absolutely right. I did a copy to point operation and actually I already set the pivot clean before doing copy to point step. It's just I dont know how to make it keep the pivot at where it should be. When I isolate single of them to rotate, the pivot is world origin. Pivot_Position_Ask2.hiplc
  14. Procedurally Set Pivot for object

    Hello, For now I have learned to centerize the pivot but I just wonder is there any way to procedurally position the pivot? Like in this scene I want to setup the pivot properly at the begining of each leaf Thank you for your time. Pivot_Position_Ask.hip
  15. Wow thank you so much I tried to figure it out for days I have one question that if in the attribute create before L system i set the Normal is point not vertex then the Normal wont be calculated properly in the L system anymore. Is that L-system thing? I just wonder maybe there is a simple reason for that.