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  1. Hi guy I can use $OBJID to serperate Volume Source with the old Smoke Solver But I cant do the same with with the Sparse solver Is there any other way? Literally I have 2 smoke shooting each other and I want them to have seperate color I put the hip file below
  2. HI there, I'm trying to learn PDG for a few times already But I'm stuck because my PDG node not shows any dots after being cooked Do I have to turn it on anywhere ?
  3. Oh so sorry if my words are not clear. Yes, I want to replicate the behavior of moving objects in Z without changing it's location and size like Maya's image plane in Houdini
  4. Hello, I'm bad at math so I tried google but still havent found anything relevant So technically I want to move object along camera path like Maya's image plane If anyone has idea please give me clue for it, thanks
  5. Wow Thank you so so so much Now I finally understand it. Have a nice day sir
  6. Hello, I have a pre-fractured tree and before porting the parts into dop I pack them all. Even though I check on transfer all attributes included UV My UV after getting packed got meshed up I can use an attribute transfer to bring it back but i dont understand the reason why it happened Is there something I overlooked or is it just the way it is? Thank for reading this ASk_PackedObj_UV.hipnc
  7. Omg thank you for pointing that out And the debugging thinking part is invaluable Thank you so much for the hip file with the help note
  8. Hello, I'm breaking a tree with bunch of branches. So everything work fine with RBD and I manage to create bone for each branch then stick them to the animated rigid mesh. But when I use point deform to deform the original mesh with the bones then I get a heavily distorted result I checked multiple times with attributes and I'm pretty sure the values are matched. I google for weeks and can't get around it. This is the file. I think this amount is enough but if not I can update it right away. I hope someone can point out where did you do wrong. Thank you for reading this. ASk_PointDeform_v2.hipnc
  9. Sorry Can you share me a hip example of how you rebuild the curves? Because these curves come out of the L-system so it constantly changes So I guess the rebuild proccess must be procedural
  10. Hello, Thank you so so so much for sharing it with me. I'm really grateful for it I will dive in and see how I can improve my current setup Thanks
  11. Hello, After a few tutorials and google I can create a basic tree from the l-system But the thing is the trunk mesh is quite not clean and has some twisted areas, And the connection between branches to the trunk is not natural for closed up shot. So my question is Is there any way to get a clean shape from the l-system? If i used the skeleton from the l-system to generate the mesh then some area on top has missing connection and the polygon number rises dramatically If I use labs tree generator then the trunk has some twisted areas in the middle and i dont know how to put the branch in the right position Also tried to create vdb from it, but it will increase polygon number dramatically The goal i looking for is the first image Thanks for any advice ASk_TRee.hip
  12. OMG Bow down to you ... MASTERRRRRR Vellum is such a life changer Look it even has color :> Super thanks x 3 million times
  13. Thanks it's a nice suggestion for bringing some details to the edge ;D
  14. Hello everyone, I'm modeling a bell-shape flower I think I got the shape about 80% but i need some suggestions to get the detail wave on the petal Do you think my current method is somehow impossible to get to the goal? Thank you for your time Ask_Flower.hip
  15. Thanks for your reply It looks right at first but when i set feather number to 6 then the variant number only goes from 0 to 3 And when it's set to 1 the result is really odd
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