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  1. Hello there, I simulated a bunch of geometries, street rubbles, cobble stones etc and now that I have my final geo, I would like to delete a bunch of cobble stones, so i need to be able to select them by polycount, that would be really dope. What would be the vex way to do that ? Thank you ! Tanguy
  2. Selecting geo elements by polycount

    Do I put the wrangler before or after the SOP ? is "polycount" where I enter my value ? Thank you, Tanguy
  3. Selecting geo elements by polycount

    Thank you Animatrix, I will give it a shot To your class too !
  4. Hello, I am seeing wierd display bug when I access a submenu in radial menu. Like a wrong cutout mask so the submenu is partially displayed. I am under CentOS 7 with 440.82 NVidia driver Thank you, Tanguy
  5. hello, I am driving scale value through a Cd attribute to populate Geo along an object (the one having a ramp bitmap / ramp) and I basically need to get those bitmap / ramp RGB value in my Cd at the end of the pipe before my copy node. I succeeded with a basic paint node but I am stuck with the bitmap / ramp approach. So to make it simple, the Paint node doesn't do a clean enough job for me, too messy in the look it gives me. Any tips and help would be more than welcome. Thank you, Tanguy Bodivit brush.7z
  6. Bitmap rgb value as a Cd attibute ?

    Fantastic, thank you so much, I will learn quite some great stuff from your workflow, thank you for sharing, Tanguy
  7. Houdini FX artist needed

    Hi guys, we are looking for a Houdini FX Artist to work with us on an upcoming gig. It would be mostly be FLIP and sand / granular / smoke / shater. Please send me your infos / resumes at: tanguy_at_cvltproduction.com We are in NYC and LA, this work will be handled from NYC studio. Tanguy
  8. Houdini FX artist needed

    Unfortunately not, we found our guy, thank you for answering though. Tanguy
  9. Hi guys, I think I post in the wrong sub cat, sort of. Any way, I recompiled the c++ PRT_Rop for 13.0.266. You can dld the dll here Now, I am pretty new to HOUD, and I don't know how to use the exporter. I plugged a ROP OutputDriver after my Null OUT fluid surface cache and named the thing .prt instead of .geo. Obeviously, did not work, .prt are unusable. Anyone wotj experience of the otl can gove a hint, show me the path to go to export my FLIP to PRT ? Thank you ! Tanguy
  10. PRT_RopDriver how to ?

    Yep tom is right, i forgot to specify that, it is a VC9 compil. otherwise, pretty straight forward, within a ROP_driver node, load the PRT_rop one and you are almost done. Choose your fluid node and render. It is quite fast though. I can recompiled for other version, more or less. Bit the 266 works fine on all the recent one. Cheers
  11. PRT_RopDriver how to ?

    Indeed I am sharing it... Cheers
  12. PRT_RopDriver how to ?

    Hey Ivan, sure. I did not recompiled it for 288 but for 266 and I use it in 288 without any problem. I don't think the lib used in the ROP changed much or not at all. here it is: PRT_Rop_266 Cheers, Tang
  13. prt export from Houdini 12

    Thank you Eiji, will try asap ! Happy new year 2014
  14. prt export from Houdini 12

    Hello guys, brand new here ! I recompiled the PRTRop for 13.266 if you want it, it is here: PRT_RopDriver 130266_64 But I don't know how to use it ! So if someone can give me a hint. I did plug a OP Driver Output after my Null OUT in the fluid node and specified a .prt instead of .geo but obviously, written prt are not PRT ! Thank you for some help, Tanguy