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  1. Hello everyone! I need temperature values render pass for some post compositing purposes from Pyro simulation. When I'm rendering it as "temperature" float 32 pass, I'm receiving negative values near the borders of volume. Why does it happening? Attaching picture. I can normalize this somehow after render, but I want to now why it is that way. There is dead end node "Fit Range Unclamped"(picture attached) in default shader(Fireball in this case). I can pass "temperature" parameter through some "fit ranges" or even "Reshape" node. But it doesn't answering the question Why? And I don't think that is the right way. Should say that remapping from shader tab from shades hasn't worked properly for me - even with clamping and fit set for 0 - 1 there was negative values and values bigger than 1. Basically, I need normalized (from 0 to 1) temperature render pass for my simulation. Maybe someone can help my with this? Will be much appreciate. Attaching 2 screenshots. Don't attaching .hip file because there is a simple sphere with Pyro Explosion shelf preset on it. P.S. Don't want to make another post right now, so should ask - is anybody know proper way to make a vectorfield texture from Pyro Sim in Houdini? Right now I'm using Volume Slice, rendering remapped normalized (from 0 to 1) motion vector pass from top orthographic view and compositing it in kind of flipbook, which is converted into volume texture dds next. Maybe there is another way to do it?
  2. Fathom, thank you for answer! Your method is working propertly, of course. Basically, better than mine previous normalizing to only positive on comp stage. I think you're right about mathematical artifact, so I won't to dig it anymore. It's just working fine.
  3. Hello! Rendering with Mantra PBR, H14. Have got my own shader built in SHOP. Need to obtain light passes for each light source in my scene. For different reasons, dividing diffuse passes by diffuse_noshaded in post comp is not an option. So, inside my shader i've created simple Lambert node and use it bsdf-output for bsdf input of pbrlighting node. Then use all output of pbrlighting and connected it to exportable parameter. But there is an issue - it works fine with "For each light" toggled off, but when i make it ON i receive black empty passes. Could you please help me with this issue? Maybe, there is another simple way to obtain light color passes for each light in one render?
  4. Atom, thank you for your reply! I'm using Image Planes, but i need something else then direct lighting AOV. I need light color, without texture. Basically, I need that: direct_diffuse / diffuse_color_noshading = light(what i need). But without dividing operation. It works for all lights sum with simple lambert node, but not for each light. I've created similar post on SideFX forums, there are wider explanation with hip file of what i need.
  5. Hi everyone! Have got some issue in illuminance loop(H14 Apprentice). Trying to export Cl(light color) parameter inside Illuminance loop. Doing this to obtain light color render passes for each light. So, seen in some videos - it's working for people but not for me. When I toggle For Each Light check box on, passes I receive is black and empty. Scene in attach. Could you please help me? I think it's basics and simple, but can't understand, what is going wrong. Would be well appreciate. Thanks for your attention. P.s. using visual builder, not a coder for a now. loop_issue.hipnc
  6. Hi everyone! Got new issue. Made shader - will not attach file, it's quite simple - just a standart Oren-Nayar diffuse connected to Cf output. Want to make diffuse and illumination passes from it. Made Parameter noder for this outputs of Oren-Nayar node. Added image planes and 2 simple light sources with different colors. Want to make passes for each light individually. But receive empty black passes when "For each light" toggle on. When off - got my pass, but for combined light. What I'm doing wrong? I know that there I should use Illuminance Loop node some how, but I haven't figured it out by myself. Houdini help didn't help, as Google. Tried to put my diffuse into Illuminance Loop and export parameters from it - doesn't work for me. Can you help me with this issue please?
  7. Tried to do the same as there , H13, Micropoligon - not working! What am I doing wrong??? Scene included.ill_loop.hipnc
  8. Ok, I've got an idea - can I use 2 different Illuminance loops in 1 shader with light mask specified for each Loop? Will attach a picture with an example. I think I'm doing something wrong, because got such result: one loop working propertly with both of my light sources. Connected to Cf for visual seeing, export working as well. But 2-nd created Illum. loop with another light source is doing the same result as 1-st one. Exactly the same. Can that be done this way? Right now I'm talking not about "For each light" basically, but about type of construction that I've used on screenshot.
  9. Thanks for answer! It's what I need, I think, but for now it's not possible to me to implement what you said. I didn't write shaders code for know, only in vex bulider. Of coarse, my goal is to write shaders by myself, but now my level is quite low for this, I think. I've read Houdini help info about these functions and have understod some part of it, but it's not enough to implement this for now. About Mantra Surface - I want to make my own shader, which make only what I need. Mantra Surface is too "hard", a lot of useless functions for me. Even if I delete all I don't need from Surface Model inside it, like SSS etc, there is issue for me - Mantra Surface, as I think, made basically for PBR render(H13). I know that I can use micro-poligon render too, but all calculations are made by compute_lighting network, where is PBR-lighting node is situated. So, basically, all export calculations made from BSDF by this node. Not usable for me becouse I need particular render passes(image planes). I don't even need Beauty pass basically. And PBR-lighting export parameters is not usable for me(direct_diffuse etc.). I've made some tries and almost receive result that I need, but have made a decision to build my own shader. Sorry, I think my "noob" issues could be considered funny for hardcore Houdini artists, but I'm just preparing to move all my workflow to Houdini from some other CG software.
  10. Oh, thanks for answer, using Mantra, but I've forget to say that I'm using micro-poligon rendering, PBR cannot be used for this work. For PBR Illuminance Loop doesn't need at all, as I know.
  11. Thank for answers, now I think that there is 2 ways to differ samples for render: shader-based and light-based, thats enough.
  12. Hi guys! I've got a plea for someone, who know about Houdini Mantra Multiple Image Planes(PBR) - could you PLEASE give me a scene(.hip file) with simple pbr-compatible shader, 2 light sources - direct and indirect, and mantra rop, which produces this passes: 1. direct irradiance - amount of direct light received, could be black&white(float). it must be only amount of light, without enything else; 2. diffuse - without shading, only color(i know, how to reach that one); 3. indirect - AMOUNT of indirect light received, as in "direct irradience" pass; 4. specular - i want simple specular, without diffuse and anything else. couldn't reach it by myself. I've got diffuse component in my tests. 5. reflection - i think, it's like "inderect_reflect" from mantra surface shader default image planes. But I don't need diffuse! Only reflection of objects and self-reflection - no lights. Terminology, that I'm using - it's from MentalRay. I want to reproduce my Mental Ray(from maya) shader in Houdini Mantra, but I just can't get those freaking passes! I want to say - I'm not lazy bastard. I've wasted a lot of hours, trying all default image planes, trying to create my custom export nodes in vex editor - I simple can't understand it! I will not give you my failed .hip files because there is not any usefull information. I will attach file with test shader and passes that I need to achieve from Mental Ray. Crying for your help. I will be much MUCH appreciate it. I just need scene, that is got shader and rop, that gives result that I need to dive in, explore it and understand, how it works... Best regards, Paul.
  13. Need help plz! Mantra PBR render passes

    xrayThanks for answer! I have been exprerimenting with Image Planes for a long time and have got needed result. Unfortunately, don't remember it right now and my notes are at work, so I'll post it in this topic later(like 2 weeks). jordibaresThank you very much! I've been searching info like this for a lot of hours and haven't found anything usefull. Quick look on your link - that's what I neen on this stage of my work. Much appreciate! Will download now and dive in.
  14. Just wanted to start a new topic, but my question is someting like TS's is. Can I vary pixel samples or min//max ray samples PER IMAGE PLANE basis? I've just founded hidden property which can be used for different indirect samples, but what about per image plane? For example, i've got diffuse, reflect and refract channels. Can I render diffuse with 2 min ray samples, reflect with 12 and refract with 8? Talking about PBR. Thanks! [ADD] In one render node, one pass.
  15. Ok, guys, I'm progressing in Mantra and have got a new question - How to don't render some specific planes? Real situation - I've got 2 light sources - Sun & Sky. And most of passes(image planes) are rendering for each light source and for each component(diffuse, reflect and refract in my situation). My passes on exit are: diffuse_color_noshading - combined light, no component, one pass sky_direct_diffuse sky_direct_reflect sky_direct_refract - don't need sky_indirect_diffuse - don't need sky_indirect_reflect sky_indirect_refract sun_direct_diffuse sun_direct_reflect sun_direct_refract - don't need sun_indirect_diffuse - don't need sun_indirect_reflect sun_indirect_refract So, I've got 4 passes(planes) which I don't need. Haw can I get rid of them? I thought about light contribution, but don't see how to use it in my situation. Yours respectfully, Paul
  16. Ok, I understand you. Next time - it will defenitely be next time - I'll do this. But in those particular situation it could be better explained by words. So, when you setting up your extra image planes, you may choose "Direct Lighting(per component)" - "direct_comp" VEX variable. And, as in my case, set "Export variable for each light". But if you don't need some components you should'n use "For each component" toggle. Just create an image plane and input VEX variable like "diffuse_direct", or "coat_direct" - if, for example, you don't need "reflect" component. And for lights - you could set particular light by editing "Light Mask" field. The * symbol means all light. You can exclude particular light by setting ^ symbol before its name. Or just delete * and add name of light you need. Attaching .hip files - it's very good practice, I totally agree! When you can dive in, explore it by yourself. But in my case I can't upload my file because of something like NDA and, unfortunately, I don't have a time right now to make an example.
  17. It was so simple! I can just put names by different planes by myself individually. So obvious. I think, thread should be deleted.
  18. Greetings! So, my question sounds like this: "How to obtain light passes(direct&indirect irradiance) in Mantra PBR?". I'm trying to do this a lot of time, so I think that I'm doing something wrong way. Direct Irradiance(raw light?) - just direct grayscale light pass from light source like point, area or sun light. Indirect Irradiance(maybe you can call it bounce light) - non-grayscale pass from environment or sky light. So, it must be light pass from environmental source. So, basically I need "Direct Illumination" and "Indirect Illumination" in Maya terminology. I'm new in Houdini shading and rendering. Could you please help me with my question? Can you explain me step-by-step, how I should choose type of light, configure them, how I should configure Mantra(PBR) render node and maybe shader? I tried to dive inside Mantra Surface material, but I have got some fake results. [ADD] Maybe I can make direct light pass that way: [direct_diffuse] - [direct_color_noshading] ? Will try it now. [LATER] Nope, it doesn't work. [ADD] Example would be great, but I will appreciate all helpful information and every answer. [ADD] All of this should be done in one render. Saved to EXR file as layers. Would be well appreciate. Thanks for your attention. Yours respecfully, Paul. P.S. picture example from some Maya video, not mine.
  19. Ok, guys, I think I've figured it out by myself. So, maybe it will be helpfull for someone. - Direct Irradience(raw direct light) pass could be obtained by creating simple Lambert node right in your shader. Then export color or illumination channel into Parameter node. - Indirect Irradience(raw global light) pass it's "dirrect_diffuse" Image Plane for your Global light source(such as SkyLight or EnvLight). Then divide result of this to "diffuse_no_shading" and that would be right. Could be wrong in theory(or in practice), but worked for me and I've got the result I wanted. Thank for your attention. I'm ready for some other ways to do that and discussion.
  20. Thank for answer. I'm using it. But default Mantra Surface Shader passes(in Extra Image planes) I don't see what I need. I've tried them all. So, what VEX variable should I use to obtain passes, that I need? I know about custom "Parameter" Export node, I am using it. Difficult is in obtaining that 2 passes.
  21. Hi guys! I got 2 questions for, I think, advanced Houdini users(or for everyone else). I've created standart material in SHOP(Clay, for example), and I turned to OpenGL tab. I want to see as many graphic information as it could be done. So, I set normal map texture in its field - and nothing happened. I've tried to configure it, tried to add light sources, different viewport shading types, even different OpenGL version in Houdini Preferences. Nothing has helped. When I put my normal map in Bump map field - it worked, and worked fine. But why I cant see normal map that I've set in Normal Map field? This is a first quesion, thanks! Next - I've got 2 differnt UV sets for my geometry, and 3(three) layers of diffuse texture, mixing by alpha channel. And two of them are for uvset1 and third is for uvset2. And it renders fine. But when I try to set this textures as multiple texture layers in OpenGL tab - it working strange. For 1-st texture it uses 1-st uvset, for second texture - 2-nd uv. And for 3-rd - it try to use 3-rd(undefined) uvset, or 2-nd, I don't even know. So, how can I set uvset for each texture layer in OpenGL tab manually? Combining 2 layers in third party software(like Photoshop etc.) it's not an option. I've tried to load in 1-st texture field picture, that has already combined in my shader net(by color mix) - it wasn't worked for me. Maybe, there is some way for send to OpenGL texture field result of my shader net(color type, etc). It(OpenGL field) is working with texture in file, as I can see. It would be great, if someone can help me with this issue. Sorry for some mistakes in text(I believe, there are some of them), english is not my native language. Paul
  22. Thx for reply! Was away. It's pity, I think. Would be great for visual seeing .
  23. Greetings! First of all, I am new in Houdini. I like it CloudFX very much. And here is my question: how can I simulate an object flying through CloudFX cloud, with trail, hole in cloud etc? It would be great, if you can give me at least direction, where I could find my answers. Thanks!
  24. How to make an object flying throug the cloud?

    Thank to all, especially murathan747 for example! I will defenitely examine it.
  25. How to make an object flying throug the cloud?

    Big thanks for you! I will definetely try this as soon as I can. It's seems to be logical way to make it work. I'll post my result in this topic, maybe it would help someone. P.s. my english is not ideal at all.=)