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  1. Collision relationships in FLIP

    Ah, thanks man. Had a feeling trying to do all this in one dopnet would get convoluted very quickly. This does what I was after....probably didn't post the best example file, but was really just curious what others would do for something like that. I had tried the two flip objects and got some sort of reaction with them together, but the result was weird and didn't seem like the best solution. Thanks for the the new file!
  2. Collision relationships in FLIP

    Have some various questions on how to setup collision relationships with the FLIP solver, and maybe my approach to this is wrong (I'm coming at this with a Realflow mindset for fluids). Not so much trying to achieve a specific effect as I am understand how to wire everything into FLIP. These are somewhat basic questions (I think), but I've yet to get them working. In this example I've got an initial fluid, and would like the continuous source not to be affected by anything other than gravity. Basically it would push around the initial state fluid, but not have the adverse effect. If there are 2 sources, how can one source be pushed by the other but not the other way around? As to setup exclusive linking of sorts. With the 2 sources, can one source collide with a specific RBD and not the other? Essentially having the continuous emitting fluid not collide with the RBD and just be killed by the sink box as it travels through. Now that FLIP is getting more widely used its time to figure it out. Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated. Cheers! Anthony fluidBubble.hip
  3. Delayed Load Pscale H12

    Hey Jeff, trying your example file but not getting anything from it. I'm on the most up to date version of H12. Sometime I'm missing maybe? Cheers!
  4. Maybe I'm still wishing this would happen, but I remember Jeff Wagner mentioning that you can now adjust Pscale in delayed loads?? If there is a new way to do this, please share. Cheers. A
  5. Volume from Attribute in H10

    Ok, think this is working. One other node that H11 has that I miss, is the volume visualization. Once all the channels are merged (eg. density, Cd.x, Cd.y, Cd.z), how to you display the color combined in your viewport? The setup I have is working in the shader, but it's nice to see some visual feedback first. Thanks again.
  6. Volume from Attribute in H10

    Cool, thanks guys I'll give both these methods a try. Much appreciated!
  7. Volume from Attribute in H10

    Trying to duplicate how the volume from attribute works in H10, where I work we have not updated to the new Houdini yet. Is there a work around for this? I've done it in H11 fairly easily. Wanting to make a custom color and velocity channel for a fog volume. Thanks in advance.
  8. particle opacity to isoOffset

    I know the thread is old, but I am trying to reconstruct this same method in 10 without the use of volume from attribute (passing a custom velocity into my volume). I've done the same thing in 11, and its fairly easy and works great. Where I'm working we are still running H10. Any ideas? Thanks!
  9. AH, very cool. Didn't think to go about it that way. Provided the mesh is consistent this should work every time. Thanks dude. A
  10. Hitting the same issue as well, and would love a vop solution. The lattice trick works pretty good, but as you said not exact. I thought the transform vop would work but of course not UV space in there.
  11. Wire Dop Freeze

    Having an issue with wires settling and jittering. The scene has about 500 wires, so keyframing them is not an option. Is there something similar to the RBD Auto freeze that will work on wires? Currently I am using mask fields and a very high drag force when they come in contact with the ground area, but even with the high drag the still sit there and wiggle around. Any ideas on how to solve this? Maybe something with a SOP Solver?
  12. light instancing...

    Old thread but this arises a question. How can you take the instance lights and combine their output into one single framebuffer/imageplane? So say you are using the pyro shader, and the Cillum channel as an extra image plane. Currently it will export a separate channel for every single point instance of that light. So if there are hundreds or thousands of these, the list is way to long. Maybe this can be done with categories, but I'm kind of lost on this. Here's a sample file of what I mean. Thanks in advance.
  13. Color fluid density from particle advection

    Ah man that's awesome. I knew it was close, but I couldn't figure out what I was missing. Which volume size did you link? I didn't notice a stepsize on the vol from attr and vol visualization. I had sidefx send me an example of this same workflow but all inside dops. It was pretty cool, but way slower to calculate, and way more confusing. At least here you can cache the sim out, and apply whatever colors you want to your particles as a post process. Thanks for taking the time to look. Anthony
  14. Hopefully somebody knows how to solve this one. I have added particles straight into the density field and advected them (so they exactly follow the density). I want to take the point color & or alpha from the particles and directly tint or color the density field. I've tried this a few different ways, both in the shader and through applying custom fields to the volume, but none seem to grab the color correctly. To me the best method would be to tint the volume density as to see the result in the viewport instead of waiting to render. I've attached a file to illustrate what I mean. Thanks in advance. -A pyro_PointColor.hip
  15. Create edgy smoke

    Try using the VexPyro shader, and mess around with the Contour and Soft Clipping parameters. You'll need to setup a density modifier. Cheers.