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  1. There is some change in ParticleFluidSurfaceSop so if you use scatter node after resample it will generate points that works with ParticleFluidSurfaceSop I know this is just a work around so if you come across with some other solution please do share blomp_icicles_workaround.hipnc
  2. How to retime Alembic camera

    Thanks for the quick feedback but I retimed in maya and exported out the camera again.
  3. Hi Guys I have a Maya scene exported out as Alembic cache. It has a very fast moving characters and camera. I want to retime the cache and slow it down. It was easy to retime the characters with Timewarp but how do I retime the camera Please Help.Also what would be the best solution to sim fast moving objects Substeps or retiming the shot. Thanks