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  1. Hi all, Having a bit of a curious thing here. I have several curves that I have used to create a yarn ball, i'm trying to properly uv map each of those by using transfered uv's from an original piece of geo within a foreach loop. After the uv layout I want to have each of those strands properly mapped for texturing, but running a uv layout seems to break things up into segments, completely ignoring the set uv's in the loop. Any tips to help figure this one out? I'm in 16.5.268 here. Thank you in advance!
  2. Hi all, Working on a job where I am transferring Houdini sims to 3ds for rendering via vdb with Vray Grids. Big thing I've noticed is that the artists are having a very difficult time getting the smoke detail to match what Mantra is rendering. Of course I have more control with shaders and volumes in Mantra, but sadly the documentation of curves and such with the Vray Grid system is limited at best. Just wondering if anyone has had similar experiences or solutions. Thank you!
  3. Smoke Collision Voxels

    Hey Atom, Thanks for the tip, that actually is helping a bit all around.
  4. Smoke Collision Voxels

    Hi all, Working with smoke filling various volumes atm, and I've searched the forums looking for a solution to the issue. Basically when the smoke collides with a wall of the collider, no matter the collision objects resolution you always see streaks or stair stepping in the sim. Has anyone found a way to actually keep this from happening? I've cranked numbers on emitter and collider but that makes the file so heavy, and the results are more like small / refined streaks and steppiness. Thanks for any help
  5. VDB small / detailed objects

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has a good workflow for making a vdb volume for objects with lots of small detail, ex: a tree branch with leaves. I've tried scattering points across the geo at various scales, it just always seems to not be the best results, or numbers are stupid small. Any insight is appreciated! Thank you
  6. Align geo to normals then Blow away

    Awesome thank you both, I always tend to figure something out right after I make a post, but both of you helped a lot so thank you!
  7. Hi all, Quick question, if I have a base geo that I'm copying let's say grid's onto it, how can I have those objects aligned to the surface normals correctly? If I comb the base objects normals I can get close but it seems like each grid is following properly but their rotations are all twisted. Some "lay" on the geo properly, others are at twisted angles. I'm basically trying to make a system to cover an object with planes then have them "blow off" via a pop system. Thanks for any advice
  8. Cloud Noise stick to object

    I've searched the previous threads already, and read on most methods, but is there a solid way to get the noise property of the cloud noise to lock onto deforming geo ?
  9. Wire guides and windforce

    Trying to do a simple test with a wind force using the hair shelf tool, I'm noticing that when the windforce is added and frequency is upped to around 10, to get more variation, most wires / guides, just stop moving... they will sim for a handful of frames then stop, leaving only a small few still moving in the wind. I have the elasticity adjusted to not have the usual stretching issues. Is this a normal thing, or am I completely doing this wrong? Thanks for any help hair_wind.hip
  10. Houdini 15 Point SOP

    I was reading the list here for the "whats new" section: http://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=3138&Itemid=422#ui that explains why I missed the actual help file notes, apologies. @Netvudu that's what confused me, I'm bright enough to look at the help doc, but it went straight back the the old "$" context. I only installed the apprentice version for my home use, but we are prepping to upgrade at the office today.
  11. Hey all, I was toying around with H15 this morning and noticed that the Point SOP now seems to be in VEX format (ex: @Cd.r), rather its attributes seem to be. Totally caught me off guard, as the documentation still has things in "$" format... has anyone else noticed if any more nodes have been changed to this format. I'm sure there is a reason for this in the end, I just didn't see this anywhere. Thanks for any insight! Tim
  12. Custom Sweep Shapes

    Hi all, Is there a good way to go about using custom shapes for a sweeps profile? ex: creating a tube (with thickness) a long a path, like a tube shape in 3ds thanks all T
  13. Hi all, I have an animated line growing on a curve, I have it copied to a line with several points on it, is there a way to offset the animation based on point number, and then possibly based on a certain number of frames?
  14. Object trail not working

    I'm animating geo along a path, then emitting particles on just its points, from there adding a trail then an add sop set to id, that seems to be fully breaking it, any idea whats going on? i swore i've done this before, just trying to get trails from the points on an object.
  15. sweep thickness and twist

    Oh wow, thanks pazuzu, so those options are already made within the sweep tool, and just activated by editing the parameter interface?