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    Motion design, Data Design, Fx simulation (Particle, RBD, Pyro),

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  1. The Mandalorian - Shot recreation

  2. Supercharged H18 GUI (TouchDesigner Style)

  3. Arturo Valle's Artwork

    @dyei nightmare looks lovely that whale in desert damm my fav one
  4. HDA | interartive quad generator

    thanks @beka
  5. ShkYo30 various work and animations ! ;-)

    looks cool man
  6. Mesh outlines

    wow i want this setups
  7. i found similer issue then exported vbd into c4d and rendered there
  8. Packing sorted by an attribute?

    you can find this solution in mops system
  9. Copy geo to connecting edges of a mesh.

    wow now i have another tool for mograph thanks guys
  10. grouped prims on a plane

    man this save alot of time for level designs thanks for this tips
  11. Smooth deformer for organic modeling

  12. meshing flip probbly help you
  13. Hard Surface Design

    damm soo easy to do these kind of stuff now in procedural manner
  14. divide/split curve from intersection point?

    thanks @Aizatulin