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  1. Tutorial page

    Hi, Im currently working on a website that is based around learning production softwares like Houdini. We have a tutorial section with highly exclusive tutorials and the idea is that learning should be free and expose good tuts for everyone that want to learn. On the tutorials we have both normal and highly profiled users contributing for free with tutorials of what they know. Its important for us to have basic, mid level and advanced tutorials. Please let me know if you want to contribute, that would mean a lot. We are looking for exclusive tutorials. The contributors will have their own section of exposure with personal information. If its interesting or you have more question, please feel free to drop me a personal message. All the best, Stig Olsen
  2. Houdini on ASUS

    Thanks! This is only for learning purposes, not a work station. And for other softwares that Houdini also. Stig
  3. Houdini on ASUS

    Hi, Is this machine good enough to run Houdini (for learning purposes)? ASUS G751JY 17.3" Full HD, GTX980M 4GB Core i7-4710HQ,16GB RAM,512GB SSD, 1000G All the best, Stig
  4. Stream of flowers

  5. Stream of flowers

    What I cant figure out is how to get them to follow the curve (as they do now) but spread out more. The pop interact cant deal with that. Stig
  6. Stream of flowers

    Attached is my latest attempt to create this. I got the best result be use a combination of pop wind (to kick them away from the emitter), a pop curve to make it follow the curve, and a pop interact to separate them. I still feel there is need for improvement. Hope some of you can take a look at it and help it act better. Thanks, Stig flowers.hipnc
  7. Stream of flowers

    Thank you. I will try to achieve this with a pop attract, and Ive pointed it to a resamples curve. The problem is that they will not gather around the curve, they dont follow. They STICK to the curve based on point per particle and that is not what I want. I think the key is in this pop attract node in combination with drag and probably wind to get the wanted motion, but I cant make it work! Hope anyone can take a look at the project! Stig flowers.hipnc
  8. Stream of flowers

    Hi, In the attachment project file I have created a particle stream that can be used to instance petals. How can I have them follow the paths I decide? Can I use a curve or something else to decide where them should fly? I want to keep the motion look like its driven by the wind. Stig flowers.hipnc
  9. Render problem, grey artifacts

    Thanks everyone for answering my questions! Marty, As you understand I have no modeling experience, but Ive used normals to other tasks, like directing velocity on particle streams and making object paths. Since I didn’t know that the normals also affected how the faces read the light, Bandinis explanation was very helpful to me, and "cleared up a lot". The link between the viewport and render was also a direct and helpful answer to my next question. Stig
  10. Render problem, grey artifacts

    Thank you, that cleared up a lot! I guess you mean that the objects in smooth shaded mode (not flat shaded) in viewport will be visible the same way in render? When viewing the box without the cusp normals the box looks exacly the same in viewport as in render. The light fall incorrectly on the faces. When cusping the normals on the box, the light fall correctly on the faces and in render. Why is flat shaded mode an alternative to use, when its not a correct representation of how the render will look like? Stig
  11. Stream of flowers

    Hi, Anyone knows how this is done? How would you create this stream of flowers and make them act this way? Stig
  12. Make particles follow lines or grids

    eetu, is this still valid? or do you have better ways to do this today? Can you walk med through this way? Stig
  13. Render problem, grey artifacts

    Thank you Anim, that feedback totally did it! I still have some "bad resolution" in the darkest areas but I guess that can be sorted out. Hope you dont mind if I ask you some basic questions...: - Why do I need to add this vertex SOP with the Cusp normals, are these normals a reference for the material to be applied correctly? - Why i these normals so important for such an easy thing, and does the same apply to other geometry as well, for instance for adding material to a sphere or a tube? Stig
  14. Render problem, grey artifacts

    Now I disabled "reflect light" in the shader, and it looks like in the attachment. I still feel it looks "wrong" in a way. Do you agree? Stig