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  1. tennis ball fur.

    thanks luke for the reply. very much appreciated. i got the feel i wanted. i was going through the setup and trying to drive the area of the fur dependant on the noise garadient i created in vop . but failed. i am stuck again . there is paint density but dont know how to do it using ramp . so that i can connect it to the base color made in shop. thanks.
  2. tennis ball fur.

    hi i am trying to do a tennis ball . but got stuck at a point where i need to have furry feeling . please help me out if anyone has any suggestion to figure out that part. probably with fur or sub surface . or any other hack . any kind of help is much appreciated. attaching tennis ball rerference and my wip render. thanks
  3. vopsop particle emission

    thanks carlo ... for your concern man . i got it the way i wanted. much appreciated.
  4. vopsop particle emission

    yeah... got.. it thanks.. man.. must be so silly for you . but m learning and your help is much appreciated. thanks :-) i love odforce
  5. vopsop particle emission

    hi, i am trying to emit particle from the red channel . but not happening. i dont understand how to connect red channel to the emission of the particle. attaching hip file also . looking for some generous comments . thanks :-) houdini_color_displace_v04.hip
  6. vop-sop

    hey, thank you very much acey195 . i really apprciate your help. i am looking on the tuts. and its awesome.
  7. vop-sop

    hi i am really new to Houdini and trying to understand the vast world of it. i have a query , it might be very silly of me to ask . in vopsop there are so many things i get tangled with and get confused. ** when do we use add and multiply node , fitrange and etc. ** just a random thought Can we scatter in a VOPSOP other than using a scatter SOP. are there any tutorials which can explain all the basic factors of vopsop .
  8. adding normals on the mountain

    hi, thanks a lot christian for you comment. i added the facet it works perfectly . i wanted to add and modify the wall mesh with the normal . i think i get it . thanks for your support . vikas
  9. hi, i am stuck . :-) i was trying to displace the simple grid using point vop and paint. i was curious to find if we can add normals or mesh after we displace . as i have marked out in the pic. is there anyone who can show me the light. your help much appreciated. thanks
  10. hi, i have a querry , i want to parent my emitter to alembic cached object. it seems i cant find a way to do it . is there anyone .