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  1. ROP Operator Submit Houdini2Deadline

    thank you so much!
  2. Houdini Apprentice Hd: No More Watermark!!

    yeah i really hope this sends shock waves through the 3d world! Maye some other companies will follow in their step
  3. Digital Domain Going To The Game?

    good news on my end considering i do realtime FX in UE3, and i always wanted to work at DD hopefully they will start hiring soon
  4. Head Model

    thanks for the feedback, yeah i think his head might be too round. I think i have learned alot with this head.. instead of revisiting it i might just do another one.
  5. Head Model

    sure here you go. this is the reference:
  6. Head Model

    detailed in zbrush, not sure if i will texture it or not.. i might just do another model, i kinda messed up my base mesh in the ears and nose a bit. feedback and crits welcome -Brandon
  7. i am FX artist at Surreal Software/ company of Midway Games. We use Max, Maya, and Zbrush.. but no houdini. When we look for a FX artist we usually want to see realtime FX in a game engine, but there are exceptions, i think as long as your work is really solid, and are a nice person to get along with then all is good. i know it sounds vague, but we don't have a check list of stuff we go down and say oh he did have this or that.
  8. Cops Driven Shader

    the houdini console comes up and says can't not find the texture when i try to render
  9. Cops Driven Shader

    that is exactly what i was trying to do at first, thanks for the nugget of knowledge!
  10. Cops Driven Shader

    thanks that worked out.
  11. i been experimenting, and i was curious if it was possible to get values from cops to to drive shader values? Then apply the shader to any Sops i wanted? forgive some of my weird questions.. im probably over thinking things.
  12. Bullet Impacts

    looks nice! the only thing i would crit would be the ejection of debris.. i think it would be a little more kick to it.
  13. Resume - Anderson Baptista (andz)

    good reel!
  14. Bullet Impacts

    [quote name='MIguel P
  15. Vop Parameter To Sops

    let me see if i can explain a bit clearer i have a shader that has an animated mask which reveals the texture and there for driving the emission of the particles. i was thinking i might just have to make a custom VEX SOP to actually get the values for the emission. i wasnt sure though. thanks for the help so far!