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  1. Vellum grains

    HI Houdini Guys, Does anyone know , how to add random mass to vellum grain clumps, so that the bigger clumps falls fast. "context is that is that a creature comes out of ground and i need to add mass for the clumps, which is done with vellum grains." i tried using drag with mass option. but that did not work. sorry i cant share any hip file, Thankyou!
  2. fireworks forming shapes

    Thanks jkunz07.. that will be good a start for me... @Jesper Rahlff Sorry ,i cannot share any test file from company PC. Thanks once agin!
  3. fireworks forming shapes

    Im sorry, could you elaborate more, i didn't get it. or if you could share sample file that would be great! Thanks a Lot! CM
  4. fireworks forming shapes

    HI Experts, Im trying to get some fireworks forming to smiley emoji.. Similar to the fireworks in Tron Movie. what would be great solution to get this type of effect. sample hip file would be helpful. Thanks a lot in advance. CM
  5. Fast moving torchfire

    Emit from the particle source,dont emit directly from the surface...it might work.