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  1. VEX vs VOPs

    I wanna use VOPs whenever possible. Looking at lines and lines of coding is such a buzzkill for me. Absolutely hate programming/debugging. All I want is a beautiful result; and as a non-programmer; I was very attracted to Houdini specifically because of VOPs. It really turns me down to see Houdini users opting for VEX over VOPs.
  2. Routine (8 second loop)

  3. Routine (8 second loop)

  4. Farewell - Short film (~1min)

    Stew of cellphone footage with a speck of VFX spice. Enjoy! Role: Photography, Editing, Design, Post-Production and Direction. Audio: Kasabian - "Orange" Shot with an iphone 5. CGI done in Houdini. http://cargocollective.com/pedrokobuti
  5. Platonic Love - Short film (~1min)

    Short animation i did last year about the Platonic Solids. Houdini for all the VFX; rendered with Mantra. Let me know what you guys think Cheers! http://cargocollective.com/pedrokobuti
  6. Platonic Love - Short film (~1min)

    Thanks guys! Really appreciate the nice words