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  1. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    Check out the Dissolve sop
  2. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    Auto retopo, see Zremesher A set of simple, solid nurbs tools, see Moi3d/Fusion 360 Quick walk cycles in chops for the new rigs, see CAT in 3dsmax GPU Mantra Continue to improve modeling and uv tools
  3. Bake texture ROP outputs black...

    Displacement renders completely black for me. Tangent normal renders a flat 127,127,255. If I don't put a grid as a base I can see the silhouette of my scattered objects, but it's just black and 127,127,255, no useful information in it.
  4. Grain attributes in SOP

    Tamte on the Houdini forum found the solution: "Enable Rigid Shape Matching checkbox is not directly controlable by an attribute, it's just a switch but you can add primitive attribute called isrigid to your constraint geometry to control rigidity of the constraints if you have that switch enabled so if that attribute is present and Enable Rigid Shape Matching is enabled, each connected island of constraints marked @isrigid=1 will be treated as rigid and @isrigid=0 will stay as "soft" constraints"
  5. Grain attributes in SOP

    Working with grains, I'm trying to use "Enable Rigid Shape Matching" (@enablerigids) on a partial mesh but I've been unsuccessful so far. The docs doesn't even cover if it's a point or primitive attribute. Since it's a checkbox, does it have to be an integer? Or maybe it's not even possible to map those checkbox attributes in grains? Same thing with "Break Constraints" (@constraintbreak), although on that one you have a threshold so you can use that. So, any insight on this? Thanks!
  6. Sorry to give you hope by bumping this thread, I just want to tell you that you're not alone. I'm stuck on the exact same thing and looking for a solution.
  7. group range combine

    Hate to bump this ancient thread but as mentioned, using "group[10-40]" only gives you group 1, 0 and 4 If you're lucky that is...It seems unreliable so I suppose it's not the right method. So, How do you use a range of groups? I have group0 to group100 and I want to blast 0-49. Or could opdigits be used here...how do you set a range for that? Cheers.
  8. No, i mean 1 and -1. For example, if i place one grid on top of another, and put a mountain sop on one of them and want to ray the other grid to it. The mountain sop translates points in 1 and -1 by default. The ray sop only translates points in 1 and -1 if you use minimum distance, which sometimes isn't what's needed. When not using minimum distance I have to choose either 1, or -1, which only translates about half the points. Or I could to use 2 ray sops, one set to 1, one set to -1. A vop works I suppose but it seems like such a simple thing to add to the ray sop, since the feature is already in there.
  9. Measure Distortion Sop

    Got an update on this tool, or is this possible out of the box nowadays?
  10. Sorry to dig this up, but is there a good way to make the ray sop project to both 1 and -1 in an axis?
  11. Hello. I'm learning Houdini and figured I should try to make a small project in the form of a hanging/suspension bridge to see if I could pull it off. It turns out I couldn't. I tried 3 techniques. 1- Only wire solvers. Works as expected, but interacting with other rigid body objects isn't very solid, so it wasn't what I was looking for. 2-Wire solvers for ropes, packed RBD for boards. Seemed promising, but the constraints holding the boards and ropes together doesn't seem to do much. 3- Wire solvers for ropes, fractured RBD for boards. Here, the point numbers for the boards aren't as I expected so I don't know how to link the boards with the ropes properly. Surely not one constraint for each plank? In this file I also tried to make all the boards into a single RBD just to get something working..and it sort of does, but completely flips out. On technique 2 I have a problem creating the pins/links between the boards and the ropes too. Only one side of the bridge gets connected, and I don't know why, since it should be based on distance, not point numbers or anything. If i increase the connectadjacent pieces radius i do get some more connections, but they are not aligned, so point numbers must be involved somehow... I attached all 3 files in the hopes that someone have the time to take a look and maybe give me a few tips on what I'm doing wrong, or even manage to get it working. Any help would be much appreciated. bridge.zip