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  1. Hello, I would like to multiply a POP force by an attribute I have created in SOP, but I just emit on first frame and of course the attribute is not transfered through time. I guess I need something like a solver sop but I don't know how to connect it, each time I try H gives me a stream error. Thx for your help. OUTLEV_TEST.hip
  2. extra tokens in expression

    Thanx Ben, indeed, never seen that in the billions tutorials I followed.
  3. extra tokens in expression

    Thanks a lot Joe, works perfectly. Never heard of that "+ form before, is it the "stronger" version of backticks in Hscript ??!
  4. Hello, I am trying to get the resolution of some cop images to drive the size of a bunch of grids. I used this expression : ch("../../../img/comp1/default_pic_`opdigits(".")`/size1")/200 I use opdigits to iterate through several cop files without having to update the link manually. The opdigits expression works when set alone but I can't add it in a ch() expression even between backticks. I get a extra tokens error. Is there any solution to this ? is it a ch() limitation ? Thx for your help.
  5. simple foreach loop problem

    Your primuv set up is really nice and clean, thanx a lot.
  6. simple foreach loop problem

    It works with class attribute, I will try primuv. many thanx Fencer.
  7. simple foreach loop problem

    well I used connectivity and class attribute instead and it works fine. I guess I don't understand at all those input options.
  8. simple foreach loop problem

    thx Fencer, it works but doesn't use the "iteration" detail added to each point in the timeshift.
  9. Hello, I am trying to build a simple time offset of points sliding on several lines by using the foreach sop and I can't get it to work, it kind of works with the old subfolder foreach though (but strangely the points desapear at the begining of the animation.) Any idea of what I am doing wrong ? Beside this problem I need to conform to these lines (.ai file) and I have the feeling the .ai import isn't that clean, the carve was very hard to implement, I wonder if there is a proper way to improve it. Many thanx. Jérôme FOREACH_points.hip
  10. Hello, I have a cloth simulation to stabilize and I use CHOP to smooth the Position in time of the center of the bounding box of my simulation. The simulation is quite heavy so I used a file cache to avoid several calculation of the sim. But when any file cache is used in the source of a CHOP network I have an invalid source SOP error. As I am trying to smooth only one point Position I tried to copy another point on it and then send the resulting point position to CHOPS, but the same error happens. Is it a limitation of the CHOP paradigm ? many thanx.
  11. SOP substep ?

    Thx, but it doesn't change anything to the cooking rate I guess.
  12. SOP substep ?

    Hello, thanx but that would just redistribute the emission positions right ? I would need to get the rotation information at a larger rate instead. thx a lot.
  13. SOP substep ?

    Hello, I am emitting particles from one moving point. I added rotation to this point in order to emit from its orientation. I can just made it turn with a simple $F expression for example. But I am emitting from this point (at a pretty high substep) particles following the orientation I gave to the point before. It gives me some king of trapcode particular auxiliary emission, it works fine but the popnet gets the rotation from the point it emit from once by frame (cooking time) and I need something like 50 cook by frame to get a nice smooth rotation. How can I make Houdini cook more than once by frame on a simple point animation ? I tried the timeblend sop but I am not sure how to set it. To be clear I would need the same 'substepping' effect I get when I make particles spin with a popspin with a 50 substep setting. thanx a lot.
  14. Best approach for cloth ?

    So far I am getting this with the volume curl noise of a fluid source SOP : I miss some of the very specific little wrinkles from the silk. thnx a lot.
  15. Best approach for cloth ?

    Hello, I am also trying to achieve this kind of cloth effect : a simple cloth square of silk, going from flat shape to this kind of distortion, without any attachment. I tried with wind force and fan force but as said before, maybe the model isn't really suited for FEM solver. I tried to import some vector volume and log it into the drag tab of the cloth, it works nicely but I can't configure a volume field that gives that sort of pretty sharp folds. Any thought on this ? Is there any volume noise that would produce this kind of distortions ? Thank you for your help. Jerome