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  1. vellum - no stretching

    it makes a lot of sense to try to make this rope into a line and sim it as "hair" You can try to set something up with the shortest path sop and find star/end points with group by open edges
  2. Viewport selection -> Group parameter

    I managed to get this working through an onCreated script. The official way of using shelftool scripting resulted in errors that I wasnt able to debug (also documentation is pretty bad for this) my oncreated code: import stateutils import hou node = kwargs['node'] pane = stateutils.activePane(kwargs) try: geo = pane.currentGeometrySelection() geoType = geo.geometryType().name() labels = node.parm("grouptype").menuLabels() items = node.parm("grouptype").menuItems() groupType = items[labels.index(geoType)] node.parm("grouptype").set(groupType) node.parm("group").set(geo.selectionStrings()[0]) except: print "creating standard node" There may be a typo in there, but i think this should be fine. Of course you need to adjust the parameter names if yours are different Cheers, Carlos
  3. fill volume with complex fem object

    If its just about fixing the holes in your polygon, maybe a ployfill will make it compatible with the tetrahedrahlize.
  4. Clipping of instanced lights

    Thanks for the answer, I am sorry it took me so long to reply, I'm currently not at my workstation. However I did try to instance normal pointlights, and it works fine in the example files, but for some reason it only works with light template in the scene I am working on. I will upload it as soon as I get back to my machine. Does that mean, there is no binding reason to use the light template for instanced lights? Thanks for the scenefile, great example _______________________________ Yes you were right, it worked fine with instancing normal lights, I must have done something wrong in the previous attempts Cheers man
  5. Hi everyone! I'm currently working on a fairly "illuminated" scene, where I use loads of dim instanced point lights. Normal lights provide the option of setting an attenuation radius, which usually speeds up rendertime a lot, but the "light template" does not provide that option. As shaders I use the asadlight and rayshadow. Asadlight has something similar, which is an attenuation ramp that gets multiplied with the attenuation, so you can set it to black after a certain distance. I know this should visually have the same effect, but is it as efficient as the radius option in the normal point light? Is there any other way to "clip" light? The reason I'm asking about this is because I set the attenuation radius to black after a certain distance. I set up a render and it takes ages, despite the fact, that its only in range of about 4 lights. Once I deactivate the other lights, the render goes super fast. Any advice, experience, wisdom or other info is much appreciated! Thanks a lot Sustaxata
  6. Tangent normal maps

    Sorry if thats really noobish of me, but wouldn't the substraction of 0.5 on every channel distort the normals?
  7. Tangent normal maps

    @edward: yes thats the link, which uses the function that changed in the newer houdinis @eetu: Yes thats pretty much exactly what I'm looking for, You're a hero! The file you posted didn't work for some reason, so I had to create a new makeinsancexform and use the exact same values as you did. Only thing I'm surprised by is that houdini does not provide an in-built solution for this, considering that normal maps are a pretty common thing to use Problem solved. Thanks a lot!
  8. Tangent normal maps

    Hello everyone, I am trying to apply some normal maps in tangent space to some models. I used both Zbrush and xNormal for exporting the normals, none of them work. As far as I understand it, there are two types of normal maps, tangent and object space. Since the geometry will be deformed, I am using NM in tangent space. I wanted to use the default mantra surface model first, to see how it works, but it doesn't work in the first place. It basically takes in a normal map and then uses the convertNormal subnetwork (posted below). The some of the channels still seem flipped. I tried flipping other channels using the multiply node, but it simply does not work. I have tried looking it up, and there are some pretty ancient threats. One of them also provides an example file, but it seems houdini changed a bit since then. http://www.sidefx.com/exchange/info.php?fileid=561&versionid=561 The VEX function vop_computeTangents($tanU, $tanV, normalize(N), $uv, 2); does not expect the same input anymore. I haven't really worked with VEX code yet, so I am a bit stranded here. Isn't there a fast way to set tanget space normal maps up? I can't believe such a simple thing is so hard to set up. Do I need to flip certain channels when I export the NM? Am I overlooking something, or am I just really stupid? Any kind of help or information is welcome Thanks a lot Sustaxa
  9. Flip Fluid Cache

    Yes of course, It does go to a hundred % and then it crashes The node in question is ZombieBodyParticles_fluid the simulation starts at frame 150. I got it cached until frame 196, then it crashes, no error message. Are my settings crazy? I set my point radius scale to 0.7, and my minimum radius in voxels to 0.79 (original settings are 0.8 and 1) I'm testing it with the original settings atm, however I set the settings down so much because I wanted the high resolution for smaller drops, I'll let you know the results Thanks a lot ___ Just tested it with the original vdbfromparticles settings and it crashed too (at frame 193), since there was no error message or log, I assume it was the same cause FXMasterClass_Zombie_v072-redoSimulation.hipnc
  10. Flip Fluid Cache

    Hi guyz, I'm currently working on a little fluid explosion type effect. For that I cached out my simulation, and I would like to now cache out the geometry that gets generated, however everytime I start my caching (using rop outputdriver), it only caches a few frames until it crashes. It seems like it is running out of memory, but I'm working on a machine with 32gb ram, and it always caches a few frames until it crashes. Do you know if there's a way around this? Thanks in advance Sustaxata
  11. FlipFluid massive drops

    Ahhh, yeh you were right. I just had to add a drag node, made everything look soo much better. I didn't actually have to change the vdbfromparticles, although nice tip, cheers man btw, I really like your profile pic
  12. FlipFluid massive drops

    Hey dude, I think I know whats going on. Did you use a drag node to slow down the velocity? That usually keeps the particles closer together. This way there are more particles bundled together, which avoids having those separate drops. Also in your ...Particles_fluid node in the object context, there is "vdbfromparticles" - thats responisble for the meshing of the sim. You can try to change the particle footprint to velocity-trail and then play with the parameters. Let me know if any of that works
  13. FlipFluid massive drops

    Hi guys, I am currently working on an explosion using a flipfluid sim. The explosion looks nice, but when all the fluid spreads out to loads and loads of drops, those drops are super large and just look wrong. I'm relatively new to fluid sim, so it might be a really simple fix, in that case: sorry for being stuipid. Here is a picture of what it looks like atm. I didn't set my settings too high yet, for now they're average (talking about particle separation and radius scale). How would you approach getting rid of those super drops? Thank you very much Sustaxata
  14. Geometry saving error

    Hi, This is a long shot, but: I think the problem is in the specified geometry sop: \obj\grid_object1\grid1 Did you read the object from a file? If so then in the file sop there is a parameter that says "Missing Frame" - "Report Error" ; change that to "no geometry". Also it might be the case that you read the file as a file sequence, then you need to reassign the filepath as a single frame.
  15. render viewport flipped

    I had this problem too a couple of times. Just remove the tab from your pane and add a new render view. It should now be oriented the right way