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  1. Has anyone ever used Tweak Film's GTO File Format? We are shifting out caching strategy at work to use GTO. There is a plug-in for Maya already but I haven't seen one for Houdini. It's open source so I think we can get something working for Houdini, but I was wondering if anyone has experience with GTO and could offer some advice on using it with Houdini?



  2. Hello all,

    I have a Charcter DA and I would like to be able to get the fullpath of a selected controler via Hscript. Is this possible? I assume that it would be since it is similar to drilling down in a Fetch node, which returns a fullpath within the Fetch anyway. Thanks for any help or suggestions.



    Answered my own question. opselectrecurse() does the job.


  3. Sorry, I've been keeping up with this post but I appologise for not making any comments earlier. I am interested in what you are developing and I'd like to get more invloved if I could. I've got some experience with both ZBrush and Houdini and I think that at tighter integration between the two will be a real plus.

    Thanks for the hard work you've already put in.


  4. Can you post some results for speed comparisions for identical scenes (and shaders) between Mental Ray and Mantra? I'm curious about the speed factors involved.

    Optimization is extraordinarily necessary in feature production, by the way. If you can get something to render in 20mins versus 40mins, you get twice as much done. I've seen people bank on "quick" renderers (like VRay and Brazil) and end up with 22hr renders at HD resolution because their light half-video resolution renders clocked in at 20 mins. 22hrs at HD = ~35 hours at 2k. On the other hand, I've seen renders for I,Robot drop to 25mins/frame from 4hrs at 2k resolution using Renderman purely because you CAN optimize it. Only hobbysists and very turnaround commercials artists have any excuse not to learn how to optimize renders.


    Nice render and I like the way you set things up. I tried to render on my machine just to see what I could get, even with out the texture maps. It was very slow as you said. Just out of curiosity, how long did your render take?

  5. Hello,

    Anyone know how to delete point weight values that are below a certain threshold? I can Use a Caputure Correct to get rid of stale regions but I need zero out all point weight values less than .01, let's say. I'd rather not go through point by point in the spreadsheet if I I can. Any help would be great.



  6. hello all

    i am having an issue in regards to importing an .obj and dealing with groups. the breakdown -->

    1) make simple geometry in maya (ex. a row of 4 spheres "pSphere1-4")

    2) group aabove geometry - making "group1"

    3) export .obj

    4) import .obj via file SOP

    5) apply shader to group via shader SOP (due to wanting to apply different shaders to different groups as the imported geometry gets complex).

    what happens is that the first element in each group (ex. "pSphere1" from the row of 4 spheres) seems to be its own group (verified by MMB on the file SOP and checking the list of groups). it doesn't accept the shader. i thought perhaps that for some reason it was duplicated and the "grouped" version was there as well but a delete SOP culling out "pSphere1" just deletes it. this is all very odd to me due to the file SOP info saying that there are the correct number of primitives in "group1". is there some processing that needs to be done to correctly convert the groups created in maya to ones that work properly in houdini ?

    clearly i am new at this game. any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    thank you in advance for any and all help !



    make sure that you export with the "point group" option selected when exporting from maya. Houdini will pick that up in the group sop.


  7. Hello,

    I've set a little challenge for myself to create a "rain storm" of bouncing jello cubes. Using DOPs with a sopSolver to pull in my spring driven object seems to make sense but I'm not sure if this is the mose efficient way to go about it. Any advice or input would be great.