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  1. Hello everyone, instead of pre-fracture the object, I am curious about post-fracturing with make breakable tool from the shelf. I created a simple scene with two spheres falling down on a box. The fracture only happened once when the first sphere impacted the box, and nothing happened when the second sphere falling after the first one. I found out after the impact, the original box was separated into a number of box_pieces, and I think the sop path still pointed to the old box so it may be the reason that nothing happened for the second impact. Please correct me if my thought is wrong. However, I don't know how to manipulate the data/path so that it can make several impacts at different time. Thanks in advance for anyone who shed the light on :) fractureParm_test_v001.hipnc
  2. VEX supports array function?

    Thanks for your reply, magneto. My codes are in snippet vop inside the attribVOP. For those non-array functions like "vector testFunction(vector a)", they work, but not for "vector[] testFunction(vector[] a)" Maybe it's VEX that hasn't supported array functions yet
  3. VEX supports array function?

    Hi, this is my first post here. I've been trying to call a vector array function in VEX, but it either returned "Internal Compiler Error" or "Syntax error, unexpected identifier, expecting ';'". I also checked Array help file and the example as below didn't work at all: To specify a literal array, use curly braces, with the array members separated by commas: vector[] rgb_array() { return { {1, , }, {, 1, }, {, , 1} }; } Here is the simple code I tried to compile, but it returned an error message "Syntax error, unexpected identifier, expecting ';'." vector an_array[] = {{1,1,1}, {2,2,2}}; vector a[]; vector[] testFunction(vector[] a){ return a; } a=testFunction[an_array]; Does anyone know if VEX supports array function? Thank you very much!