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  1. Bunch of thoughts on SubD modeling in Houdini

    Not sure if it has been mentioned before but you can simply do a copy/paste with the duplicate SOP. You will also find it in the poly modeling radial menu under Adjust.
  2. maybe this works: length(@v.x, @v.y, @v.z) > 0.1 ?
  3. Glad it has helped you I did not snap the curve to the terrain. I just turned on the C-Plane on the ground and then added a simple base curve. After that you can add more points with shift click between the lines. to move points up and down hold down shift and grab one point. This way you can put them to the approximate height of the terrain very quickly without any need for snapping. just make sure the c-plane is aligned correctly. You can also hold shift after dragging a point to a new location and that will move it upwards from the cplane too. Another method would be to automate the process with the use of a Ray SOP and project your curve onto the heightfield. The Ray SOP works with 2d volumes too. Attached an updated example with the rayproject option. Note that you can use the lift value in the ray sop to shift the curve down a bit and also use a smooth or blur sop to straighten out the curve a bit after the projection. 002-heightfield_road_withRayProject.hip
  4. PBR Texture maps to Principal shader?

    make sure you have set the Shaders parameters: roughness and metallic both to 1 on the principled shader! Otherwise it will output 0 for metallic and 0.3 x the texture for roughness.
  5. A quick test I made for you. I think a better option might be to do some custom heightfield vex/vop that can give better control over the edges. 002-heightfield_road.hip
  6. Houdini Env Variables in File Browser

    hi, the file you are looking for is called jump.pref. You can edit the file in your houdini home folder: /houdini15.5/jump.pref open the file in a text editor and paste in the network drives location path there. each line will be a new entry. edit: in your case you can just add $LIB there
  7. Sculpting Don't Work? (bug #77870)

    Not sure why others mention that it works. It does not work correctly. The sculpt SOP is currently broken in Houdini ( bug #77870 ). I reported it few months ago. if you can report it to sidefx it will probably get fixed faster. not sure about the state in H16 I havent tested it there.
  8. Colours for selected edges / polySplit

    Hi Marty, I was looking for those too but went thru everything and could not find them in the 3DSceneColor filel. I reported this to Sidefx but if you can report it too it might get more attention.
  9. Instancing Trees, or any Object?

    This is the way to do it. I just wanted to add this additional info: Here are some attributes that work with instances, so you can randomize scale and orientation for example: orient - float4 (quaternion) pscale - float scale - float3 N - vector up - vector v - vector rot - float4 (quaternion) trans - vector