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  1. VFX Short film 2014

    made breakdowns for all the vfx shots to show how i built most of them if anyone is interested.
  2. VFX Short film 2014

    Here is my final short film for Sheridan's 10 month Visual Effects course. Everything from pitch, storyboards, previsualization, shooting plates, editing and vfx is done entirely by myself. I had the support and feedback of a great group of teachers and classmates. Breakdown to come soon. All shots you see have VFX elements, how many can you spot? Programs Used: - Nuke 8.0v3 - Houdini 13 - Maya 2014 - PF Track - Mari 2.5v2 - Adobe Creative Suite Timeline Included: - September - October (Pitch) - October-November (storyboards) -November-December (previsualization) - January-February (production shoots for whole class) - February-March (editing) - March-June 20th (VFX) All visual elements were created entirely by myself Music: "Happy End" by Distemper **Feel Free to inquire regarding any questions or critiques as I am still fine tweaking some details over the next few weeks. ** https://vimeo.com/98883004
  3. Sand blowing over sand dunes

    I don't imagine it being too difficult to achieve. I would start by using pyro with wind force and messing with the settings and mix it with particle in dops interacting with the static volume collision geometry of the dune. Use two separate sims with similar wind settings.
  4. My Daily Effects

    tonights fun is making an object shatter on impact, and then shatter again based on initial impact while interacting with viscous sticky fluids. Need to tweak some paramaters and you will notice a frame shift as i had to re render . i want to try and do a glass shatter and as the glass impacts the ground turn into water. any suggestions? i was thinking either the multisolver or using the impact data to do attribute transfers. rbdfluid.mov
  5. Trying to figure out edge fracturing..any advice?

    ill give that a shot, seems might it might be pretty heavy on sim time though. Thanks for the help!
  6. Im working on my own 2012 road demolishing scene for a short film im creating. I have done my first pass on my big breaks for my road using glue contraints, voronoi clusters and metaball forces to break glue and also used in magnet force. My question is once the big pieces break upwards, i want the edges to break again, just the edges in certain areas like in the 2012 reference photo. anyone know how to do this? the youtube video for the 2012 breakdown is below and the part im asking about is at timecode 0:19 to 0:21 Thanks, Mike https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YsEnBomu_18#t=22 Road_Smash v001.mov
  7. My Daily Effects

    last nights Houdini Fun Playing with viscosity attributes to start of thin get really thick and then snap back to thin again. now it would be interesting to animate shaders so it looks like chocolate is hardening as it gets thicker. chocolate.mov
  8. Explosion wont stop emitting

    check a few things. in your fuel source, if you clicked the out of the box explosion in houdini, is animated. shift click the scale source volumes i htink it is and animate it as you wish. also in your pyro solver the gas released is animated as well. try using both attributes together to get the look and if you animate them to zero it should be fine. sorry i cant work on your file my houdini isnt open at the moment. last thing you can do it animate the fuel attribute under the create fuel volume in the sop of the emitter. let me know if this works, Mike
  9. My Daily Effects

    I decided to start a thread showing the random tests i do everynight before i go to bed. I have been studying Houdini at school for about 8 months now and I am constantly trying to increase my knowledge so i can be an FX TD after i graduate. Here's a couple pieces from the last few days and i will update this hopefully a few times a week. Comments and crits are welcome as I am still learning -First video is testing pre fractured glued objects being fractured again upon impact. -second video is showing flip fluid within a glued fractured object interacting with a rbd bullet going through the bottle. i didnt render the bullet. secondarfracture.mov glass break.mov
  10. fire rbd

    i never tried this yet myself but off the top of my head im thinking affect glue strength by temperature from the pyro?
  11. Can I pin texture color down to flip particles?

    if your looking to project a texture onto a fluid i suggest you refer to this video. it doesnt have the process but it shows i can be done.https://vimeo.com/88171240
  12. Liquid from object Point Velocity issue

    what exactly are you trying to achieve in that file? do you want the water to flow toward the teapot? a little more of what the final idea you want will help to figure out how to solve it

    I messed around with it a bit and cheated slightly. ended up matching velocities and using glue contraints on the fractured egg. used one dopnet to simulate as well. take a look. if your egg is only going in one direction this is a way to cheat it. you flip velocity from collisions was set to 2x before. testegg 2.mov EGGS_LEAK2.hipnc