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  1. hello how do irender multiple IFD file from cmd i can only render 1 frame, cmd don't understand $F4 when i put mantra -f <test_0001.ifd the render start but when i do mantra -f <test_$F.ifd it can't read it please help thanks
  2. hello i'm new in houdini and i'm searching about a week for a workfolw about Hqueue and i did not find full workfolw because i tried the online sidefx help for Hqueue and did not work and i got confuse about rendring with Hqueue and rendring with Hbatch render, so how to use HBatch to distribute the rendering on remote machines through the HQueue Render ROP and how to set up client machine if there anyone know how to do this stuff and have experience in it it will be nice to tell me and i'm sure this is the best forum to ask my question here and thanks so much gays
  3. workflow Network rendring and Hqueue

    thanks for the advice, i don't have problem with the license and i tried what sidefx suggested in the online help i just wanted if someone have a workflow for the Hqueue in windows i'm win7 user and i can access the the hqueue browser interface in the client machine so i guess i don't have problem with network that what they said thanks anyway
  4. workflow Network rendring and Hqueue

    i instaled the hqueue server and the hqueue client in the other machine and nothing seem to happen i can't detect any client in the browser "sorry for my bad English"
  5. workflow Network rendring and Hqueue

    no one have experience with this ??