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  1. DOPs fracture inside texture

    can't you just uv per object after the sim?
  2. CVEX

    I see. That's great info guys! Thanks so much! cheers, ~3db
  3. Distribute particles on a nurbs surface

    It's always easier to explain solutions when the problem is presented in .hip format. I, personally, don't like the interact pop. That being said, I may not understand properly how to use it. But here's how to use the creep sop... creep
  4. DOP data from VOPs

    it would probably be easiest to use an applyRelationship Dop and stamp your attr up the chain. Although I'd be interested to know if you can change object parameters inside a vop...
  5. *** woops looks like it was already answered...
  6. CVEX

    I'm interested in digging into CVEX, but there seems to be very little material readily available. Does anyone have some good links? Cheers, ~3db
  7. Timed Deletes?

    If you are looking for a way to get rid of pieces that are not in camera, the volume sop has an option to create a volume from the camera frustrum. Pad the bounds and then use attribute from volume and delete anything that != 1.
  8. volume

    If you don't know how to use wind to move a density, I would suggest checking this out. http://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=2209&Itemid=262
  9. volume

    I'm a little confused, when you said volume I thought you meant like a fluid... but here you go... toodforce_01.hipnc
  10. volume

    use normals as velocity?
  11. You are subtracting from 1, so as the age increases the value of the expression decreases. Seems to work right.
  12. H12 PYRO Hi res stops at 250 frame

    You may want to try to turn off caching.
  13. You can use the ends sop and turn on unroll
  14. how to get the value of an attr at FRAME+3

    look at the chf() hscript expression chf(string channel,float frame)
  15. Emit particles from dynamic fracturing (H12)

    This is quite the open ended question. Usually with something so advanced it's helpful to get a scene started and post that with the question about whatever part you are stuck at. But in response to your question voroni fracture dop offers output of collision points. You could use those to drive your emission.