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  1. additional fracturing help

    Oh okay cool, I'll try it out. thanks! Its based off this tutorial https://vimeo.com/185820853 around the 1:38:35 mark.
  2. Hey, So I'm trying to implement Steven Knipping's technique on using a switch in the Foreach loop SOP to create additional fractures. Rather using his expression and have it be randomly chosen percentage. How can I choose a specify piece if I know I only want to fracture say @name = piece90, @name = piece 2, and so on. Thanks
  3. smoke trail help

    Hey Jim, The other issue that I found in the rendering is that there's gaps in between the smoke. Is there anyway to fill in the gaps. I can't find a way to add more points? And even increasing the particle count doesn't help. Thanks
  4. smoke trail help

    Hey Jim, Seems like the pscale is working. Oh okay, I'll definitely check out the docs for pyro cluster. Thanks for the help!
  5. smoke trail help

    Hey, Thanks, I think its helping. What about the age of the smoke? When I make a flipbook it seems like the rate at which it enlarges closer to the source isn't fast enough, which is making it appear like there's the gap in the renders. I tried multiplying constant, but it's not really what I'm looking for. Any other suggestions? thanks
  6. smoke trail help

    Hey guys, so I'm trying to implement this tutorial on procedural smoke trail https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ed-sdDrePyo. And the problem I'm having are those missing samples as the source is gaining velocity. I already upped the substeps in the popnetwork to 10. Any help will be great thanks! trail_help.hipnc
  7. setting rest postion

    thanks a lot guys, exactly what I needed!
  8. Hey, I have an alembic of a car and it comes with the animation. And the location is way off where the origin of the construction plane is and that's okay. So my question is basically I'm trying to create a rest position onto the location of where the origin of the construction plane is. I kinda used a transform SOP and just moved the car but is there like a more methodical way of moving it to the center of the construction plane? Thanks!
  9. trouble writing out .PC

    Thanks for the help. It seems to be able to write out the .PC files now, but when I bring them back in with the file SOP and middle click on it. The nodes empty, there's no details or info. Each file written is only 1KB. I'm not really sure whats wrong now. Any advice?Thanks
  10. Hey guys , So I'm following the cmivfx Directable particles in H14, and I'm having trouble in the beginning where I have to write out .PC files. I keep getting a convert .i3d error message; And also when it does write when I try bringing the file back in nothing appears on the view port. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks a lot. direct_particles_002.hipnc
  11. Hey, so I'm trying to import camera and tracking data into houdini. I used nuke to do the camera track and points and then I exported a fbx from it. When I imported the FBX into houdini the camera shows up but none of the locators appears. I imported the fbx into maya and it works perfectly. Any ideas why the locators aren't showing? thanks
  12. rbd sinking

    Since I changed those settings the collisions between the FLIP doesn't collide and move the torus anymore. I tried adjusting the voxels on the torus too. Any hints? Thanks floodtest_002.hipnc
  13. rbd sinking

    Thanks for all the help guys! So I changed all the VDB Proxy like you said. For VDBfromPolygons for the exterior and interior band voxels should it be a low or high number? Should the box be tightly around the torus objects ? I'm still trying to figure out the mask so that torus doesn't drop into the floor when simulation begins.
  14. rbd sinking

    Here's the HIP! thanks for your help floodtest_001.hipnc
  15. rbd sinking

    Its in the beginning stages but hip files attached now. I'm trying to do a large scale flood test crashing into multiple objects. Do you think the scale is correct? thanks a lot!