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  1. Houdini Fx Reel 2016

    Houdini Fx Reel 2016 My Latest Houdini Works from what i can share till now for public view .Some of the shots have been a team effort and I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such talented people from all over the world and to have learnt from so many great artists.Enjoy! Im Available for Freelance remotely work and full time one so feel free to contact me at: ahmedstudios@gmail.com
  2. My Latest Houdini works

    Thank you very much
  3. My Latest Houdini works

    Hello Guys Im Ahmed Saady - Houdini FX Artist based in Iraq now i would like to share with you my latest houdini projects i have done and i hope you like them Also i'm available for freelance remotely work or full time position ahmedstudios@gmail.com Copa America Identity 2016 - beinsports Copa America - mainstudio 2016 Building Destruction - R&D All the information regarding of the houdini work is under each video description Thank you!
  4. Building Destruction - R&D

    Building Destruction - R&D Here is a render i did for one of my old destruction works , i found some free time so i took it as a chance to do some work on it. Smoke sim : 65 hours for 300 frames Render : 2 days in my home PC. Smoke Dust Space : 400 GB Thank you
  5. Hi , I was trying to make Debris from my main destruction layer. everything is going ok only with point preview but when i make copy stamp on those points the geometry keep rotate and jitter i was trying to make this debris working as a new rbd objects to collide correctly with main destruction layer but i could not reach any results . i hope some one can help with it. Thank you
  6. Forum upgrade

    Nice Upgrade guys thank you
  7. Thank you all guys for this great information. I will work on what you explain. Best regards
  8. Thank you for fast reply well if scale down the file inside 3dmax to 0.01 it will be so small even in Houdini and if i scale it up to 0.1 it will come as a good size there but i tried to export the file as is from Max then scale it down in Houdini to 0.01 then i have to multiply * 1000 so it will retain back to its original size . but as you know the sizes are diffrent from scene to scene so im wondering if there is basic procedural way to fix this issue?
  9. Hello Guys , Im facing an issue with my workflow from 3dmax to Houdini The problem is from the geometry which it comes from 3dmax so when i import it inside Houdini it comes really big even when i made it in right scale inside 3dmax. I can scale down the scene inside the houdini and fit my camera normally but if i want to make a sim then re export again to 3dmax it will come really small based on what i have before. So how can i solve this issue? Thanks
  10. Foam generation from Ocean Geometry

    Well i would love to know also how to do same of this effect and i was going to write about it today. So i hope if we can find good answers about this here. Thank you
  11. integrate HQueue with existing queue

    I was going to ask about same one man , hope we can find an answer about it .
  12. Bullet Fracture Control

    Thanks for the hip file Pavel you are awesome man
  13. Flip Fluids Particle Dissipation

    its ok man i hope some one els will help in that but thanks for your fast reply.
  14. Flip Fluids Particle Dissipation

    Can you please share with me a small hip file explain it that will be so much helpful to me.
  15. Hey guys Im asking about how to achieve an effect which is let the flip fluids particles die after a givin time.\ Like if we are emitting from an obj src then the particles which reach a giving value it die off. Hope my question is clear enough . Thanks