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  1. Flipsolver transfer the Point Colors to Fluid Object

    Thanks for your suggestions. I found the flipfluidobject requires the particle field to accept the Cd. The result as the attached file.
  2. Hi, I'm trying to mix flip colors. Before H13, old Popsolver can transfer Cd to particles. In H13, new popsolver can't do in this way. I think I might take the Fluid Source from SOP and transfer Cd to particles, but it didn't work. (as shown on the left image.) My Question is: How does transfer Cd to color Flip Fluid Object? or any suggestion. Thank you. Tony colorMix_v04.hip
  3. Hi, I'm learning Houidini and reading the online tutorial "Working with Particle".(There is a rocket with particles.) When I rendered the custom shader "smoke" with the lighting model "Lambertian", H13 was rendering very slowly. Is it possible to figure out the problem? Thank you. Tony
  4. HI, I'm learning Houdini. I met a problem. How does make Shader View display the VEX shader in VEX builder? Because Shader View always shows "Viewing: No Operator - Unable to preview this operator" in H13. Thanks for help. Tony
  5. Where is "VEX layer surface" in H13

    Hi, Marty. I've added the env variable into Houdini.env. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work in 13, but it's all right. After that, I found out... There are few new shaders to replace older shaders in H13. The change of each houdini version is annoying. Thank you for helping, Marty. Tony
  6. Hi, I'm watching a old texture tutorial from the official site, but I can't find "VEX layer surface" in H13. my question is: [Q]Where is VEX layer surface in H13? Which node could do the same purpose? How do I do in H13? I can't find it and feel confused. Thanks for helping. Tony.
  7. [Q]Why is different in H13 from H12 about Shader Galleries? How do you figure out? Thanks for reading and helping. Tony
  8. How To Use Prman Light Shader In H9

    I've checked what you said. Setuping HOUDINI_DEFAULT_RIB_RENDERER is for 3Delight. My renderer is Prman 12.5, but the common point light and spotlight can work directly without any shaders as you said. After test, Environment light can't work in Prman rendering. Do you find that?
  9. There's a Light Template in H9. Somebody told me this node can link Prman Light shader, but it didn't work in rendering. (Q)How do I apply Prman Light shaders for Lights in H9? Thanks for your reading.
  10. Thank you, SYmek. You taught me a lot a lot a lot.. and I worked prman custom shaders in Houdini very well.(Happy!!) I'm going to read that chapter you mentioned. Cheers-
  11. My problem is coming... I can convert my .slo shader to .ds or .otl. How can I use them with Houdini? Sorry, I'm a beginner... Everyone always talk about otl or ds, but I really can't find the way to import .ds or otl. Thanks
  12. Hello, everyone. I wrote some prman shaders, but I can't find any way to input shaders which I wrote into Houdini8. So, Which function can help me to reach the purpose?? Thanks for your reading and help.
  13. I'm new in the world of Houdini, so.. Do I need to prepare Mental ray renderer instead of Mantra?
  14. Problem Of Using Prman In Houdini

    I see. I've executed what you said, but it still happens to me. However, thank for your suggection.
  15. I'm a biginner. When I add a shader of PRMan and Houdini previews it, Houdini Console will pop up and appear the message that "gzio: Invalid argument". I can still work and render with PRMan, but I really don't know how to solve and where the problem was. form Tony. Thanks.