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  1. Hello, I wonder if anyone knows how to export flip fluid to maya using alembic. I tried it export alembic, but in Maya it said "not a valid alembic file".. Anyone has experience this ? Thanks! fluid box .hipnc
  2. That happened to me too when I'm using the older version but just get the latest and it should be good. I think the the rop network and out is just organization thing, look more tidy. I usually just set up my scene like the attached picture and everything works fine..
  3. Hello I'm very new to Houdini and I have a question about whitewater rendering.The sim I am making is like a flood in a hallway (photo-realistically), I made this by create an emitter from fluid shelves tool, put some velocity on the source and add whitewater. The problem is the foam, spray, bubble appeared like fog when I rendered. I adjusted the smoke intensity and smoke density for the spray, added lights, changed mantra to physically based render but nothing works so far... I added particle birth on the whitewater sim, yet still the rendered whitewater looks like fog. I watched the waterfall tutorial, but it kindda skipped after creating the foam shader to comping... This is my test sim I wonder if anyone could advice ... Thank you! (working on Houdini 13.260) fail flood splash test.hipnc