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  1. Hello there! I am trying to get a custom material for Mantra to work with substance designer, and at the moment I can't figure out what's wrong. My shader is based upon the mantrasurface-shop and renders just fine when used as a standard material. But when I modify the config files for substance so that is uses my shader instead of the principledShader, the object appears to be using some sort of lambert material. The config file is based upon the SubstanceToMantra_Experimental.cfg, and I have only changed the following line "shader": "opdef:/Shop/mantrasurface", to "shader": "opdef:/Shop/jool_ubershader", What else am I supposed to do? The shader is a digital asset, and I can see it in operator type manager as Shop/jool_ubershader. Would be awesome to get it to work. Thanks in advance! Best regards, Joakim Olsson
  2. PBR Skin Shader

    I just purchased the shader for use in Houdini 15, and I can't seem to get it working. First of all, is there a demo-scene somewhere that I could try to see if it will work? The "help" displays an internal error, so I can't find out if there is anything in there that can help me :-) Currently all I get is a white shape, or only the alpha. I have tried assigning maps on all slots. but that didnät do anything. I am really looking forward to render som nice PBR skin. Hope someone can help me.
  3. Access SOP per point attribute in COP

    Hi! Sorry for late response. Thanks for your help! I could not find anything that helps me in that video. Though I might have found a solution. I will tell once I am really sure it works.
  4. Hello! I am currently playing around with using COP together with SOP, and I have run into a little problem. Here is what I have done: 1. I have scattered points along a surface 2. Then I gave each point an attribute which contains a filename like "flower_1.jpg" and "flower_2.jpg" 3. With a copy SOP I put planes on each point 4. After that I put a material SOP wich overrides the texturepath with the attribute from the point 5. Everything works as it should. Now I am in need to faking shadows (please do not give me suggestions on other ways to do shadows, we do both know that it isn't really flowers I am working with ) The solution that fits my needs the best is to have a plane, rotated along the surface, with the same texture as the previous one. But this of course needs to be black and a bit faded. I have managed to do this in COP with a hardcoded texturepath, but now we have reached my problem How do I feed my point attribute with the filepath into my COP-network, and then retrieve the output so that I can use it as a texture? I have tried to search, but I have had no luck so far. I am thankfull for everything that can get me in the right direction Cheers! Joakim