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  1. Hi, Houdini newbie here. I have been trying to "blow away" some points of an animated point cloud with no success. I would like to have control on what part of the point cloud gets applied a force to (I am using particles on each point of the point cloud and grouping them by colour). The problem is: the points number (and position) keeps changing every frame. Therefore the particles keep getting emitted every frame, whereas I want them to stop and leave the "part" empty. I cannot emit only on the first frame (i.e. birth impulse activation $F==1)because I need to keep the movement of the point cloud outside the "part" that I am blowing away. Also, I cannot use the scatter beacuse I don't have primitives and I have to keep the point cloud design. I have attached a file and the bgeo sequence containing 10 frames of the point cloud. It would be really nice to have some feedback from you guys Thank you in advance! OD_Force_Point_CLoud.hipnc ODForce_PointCloud.zip