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  1. hello, one work around is to put after your trail, an Add node that you set Polygons --- by Group, then Add by attribute id. It becomes a curve that you can control the length with a Carve node for exemple, you can put a resample after also to add more points.
  2. pyro clustering velocity

    How does it know that v_1, v_2 is the attribute v ?? Check the instancing tab, instancing details on the volume source, it explains how it is working like that. For your collision, if you want to source it, you should create a vdb from polygon directly after the trail of your collider, make it 2 grids, surface VDB should be name collision and add an attribut point.v which is by default is name v. This is your OUT_collider, then source it in the dop network and use the preset collision, be careful to put instancing Off just on this one. You can enable the visualization of collision on the smoke object.
  3. pyro clustering velocity

    hello, for your velocity to be active in the clustering set up, you need to transfer the cluster attribut on your points velocities, and after what you can do is duplicate the for each loop used for density and temperature. Put it directly after your attribut transfer, rasterize attribut v only, and make it your OUT_v (it should give you a grid name like that v_1...)
  4. POP Curve Force, @oncurve - how to?

    Hello howard, You can create differents oncurve attribut per pop curves. allow editing contents on popcurve node and in the geometry vop, there is a bind export node set on "oncurve", make it "oncurve1" for example and for the other popcurves do the same "oncurve2..etc you wil have separate attribut per popcurve.
  5. How do I - Gas Field VOP on Pyro sim?

    Check this documentation link, pretty helpfull http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/pyro/pyro_look.html