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  1. filename expression

    hello, i want to change: /coppi/proj/projectname/shottree/assetb/flamethrowerfire/3d/houdini/geo/flamethrowerfire/flamesim/v004/flamethrowerfire_v004_flamesim.$F4.bgeo to /coppi/proj/projectname/shottree/assetb/flamethrowerfire/3d/houdini/geo/flamethrowerfire/flamesim/v004/flamethrowerfire_v004_flamesim.$F.bgeo with some thing like this, but its not working :/, any one know how to replace stuff in a string after it has evaluated the channel reference? `chs("../../../out/flamesim/outputPath")`:s/"$F4"/"$F"
  2. Is there a way to post sim clip the length of the wires to make sure they don't stretch, it is possible with a check box in Mayas nHair solver. Maybe some sort of post vop setup that knows the initial length of the curve and shortens it but still keeps the dynamic animation of it?