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  1. define new vop node

    perfect, exactly what i needed!
  2. define new vop node

    Hi there, I've created a material that contains an inlineCode node with some vex inside. I'd like to be able to create a generic version of this node that can be re used but there are a few problems. when i add inputs to the node they inherit the names of their input, I'd like them to be generic, i.e. "input1" rather than "product" if i connect the output of a multiply node or "s" if i connect a texture coordinate. Also as the node just creates code any variables contained within are placed in the resulting code verbatim and if i have many copies of the inlineCode node with the same contents then I get clashing variable names. Has anyone done this? or does anybody know where to look for docs on createing new vop node templates that are more flexible. Cheers jon
  3. recursive for each generation

    genius, thanks!
  4. hi there, Im trying to create a network that creates rocks ballanced on eachother recursivley. cirrently I have a nice workflow for creating rocks and my next idea was to use a for each loop which loops over a random number, each time creating a rock ontop of itself. My idea was to have the for loop itterate on its own points, i.e. i supply a mesh, scatter points on it, create a rock at each point, then the scattered geo is merged with the original geo and repeated N times. I cant find a way to do this, is it even possible? Thanks!
  5. extrude pill shape allong particle trail

    Interesting, I'll look into why my lines arent playing nice Thanks for the help
  6. extrude pill shape allong particle trail

    works a dream for one curve but for many in one piece of geometry it explodes, I'm still investigating
  7. Ive just created scene where a particle sop leaves a trail that I turn into a bunch of poly lines. I'd now like to extrude a tube allong each of these poly lines with a rounded cap, like a pill shape only one that curves as the line does. I'mfinding it a surprisingly difficult thing to wrap my head arround this morning! I've attached a screengrab and scene file of what I have so far: Thanks! trail.hip
  8. select lsystem end points

    again, genius!
  9. select lsystem end points

    This is almost working very well but now I'm having problems where if I ise a point wrangle node the new J points are not moved with the rest of the points when I modify P, any idea why this could be? Try sliding the grav vector attr in my scene's point wrangle node Thanks! point_problem.hipnc.hip
  10. select lsystem end points

    genius thanks!
  11. select lsystem end points

    Very Interesting thanks, the J attribute option worked best I think, do you know if there is a way to use this mechanist to just add some sort of 'end' attribute to the end points, infact a vector woudl also be handy while I think abuot it
  12. Im looking for a way to separate the end points from all other points in an lsystem so I can copy some geo accross the tryy but only to the last points on each branch. I cant work it out its diving me mad, has anyone else done this before? Cheers jt
  13. Tesselating spheres

    Wow so many responses! I invented another solution also as i realised I ddint need all the circles in the center as the whole thing wold be extruded: Heres my workflow: Create circle Scatter points on circle Sort points radially using expression: atan2($TY, $TX) using a vop sop work out the distance between each point and its clockwise neigbour, add a radius attribute thats 1/2 that distance, then move current the points position in the vop sop to the center point between the itetrating point and it clockwise neigbour. use a copy sop to copy circles to each point and stamp the radius value to the circles radius Hope that makes sense! I actually think some of the answers above look nicer but my solution is ligher on the geo so imgoign with that for now, thanks for all the responses!
  14. Tesselating spheres

    Hi there, I'm trying to create a bundle of wires and cant find a way thats quite satisfactory. I have found lots of ways but they all end up with intersecting geometry. What I'm doing currently is doing a scatter over a circle and copying random sized circles over the scattered point and extruding that, bviuosly this leads to intersecting geo. I jut cant think of a way to create points that tesselate properly. With that in mind how would anyone go about creating a cross section like this to extrude? Thanks!
  15. adding a tranform sop changes Cd values

    i think this is as only the red, i.e x channel is non zero, so if you transform along the x axis then you are transforming two 0's which will when rotating will always be 0, very clever actually, I never thought of a color in this way before