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  1. Thanks for the help! The OTL is working perfectly. Only problem now is that chops isn't supported by the Houdini Engine... yet.... Let's hope they will implement it soon.
  2. Hi! I'm currently having a big problem converting my tool into an OTL for use in Maya through the Houdini Engine. I use Chops in the tool and mainly the Foreach_Iteration node is giving me a hard time. I've already searched through quite some forums, but so far no luck. Also, so far, I haven't seen anybody else with the same problem. I've created a test file for this issue to show you whats going on. Mainly any tool, which uses the foreach chop, doesn't allow me to convert it into an OTL. The first error that I get is about the use of absolute paths. But when I fix this (delete the Export Prefx (../../..) in each chop node) I'm still getting a "Missing token" error: Error: Missing token : "{ subnet1/chopnet1/foreach1/Foreach_Iteration". Can someone help me with tackling this issue? Thanks in advance!! ChopsInOTLTest01.hipnc