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  1. Creating subtle animation from a single VDB

    I know this is obvious but have you tried animating the offset in your volume noise. Also Flow noise has a time channel to animate.
  2. question about UVs [Resolved]

    Can I just thank you very much for figuring this out. It was really stumping me.
  3. hey Evan please post a link to that thread, I would be interested to see it thanks
  4. Pulse of Life

    very very cool
  5. Pyro/smoke fast collider

    If you are saving your volume collisions to disk then you only have integer frames using $F but using $SF will give you the substeps. Sub samples in your second sim probably won't do much otherwise. So export your collision volumes with whatever substeps are required and make to two sims match using volume.$SF.vdb that's my guess anyway.
  6. flip boat tail

    If you are referring to a kelvin wake you can find a great thread with examples here ...or you can do what I ended up doing and just displace the surface with an image. The client kept changing his mind about the placement and composition of it so it was much more efficient than re-simming
  7. wire_constraints_16.hip Thanks Gorrod I have just rebuilt this in 16.0.557 and noticed an 8% speed increase not that it was very slow to begin with.