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  1. Houdini reaction diffusion

    hello can anyone help me ? i need a Explame Hip file .
  2. Differential curve growth

    thank you for help me :wub: :wub:
  3. Differential curve growth

    could u send me hip File Example ?
  4. Deform Rbd sim

  5. Deform Rbd sim

    Could u send me a hip file ? please !
  6. Deform Rbd sim

    Hi If you can, send to me a sample of Houdinifile( hip file ) ? thank you so much
  7. Deform Rbd sim

    could u help me no good work . i need a flexible effect deforming_active.hip
  8. Deform Rbd sim

    thank you :) :) :) :)
  9. Bend and Break (post) Solver

    thank you man
  10. VDB Export Arnold Maya

    hello i can't export VDB Houdini into Arnold Maya please help me . Houdini VDB in Maya Arnold.hip
  11. hey guys My Problem : i want to add second Fracture with adding ( voronoifractureconfigureobject1 ) . i add it to my Nodes but it does not work . could u help me please ? Thanks Fracture Problem.hip
  12. hi all How to create a Rigid Body Emitter ? I am trying to create an effect that requires particle emitter controls with the emitted objects to behave like Rigid Bodies(Bullet Solver). Instancing does seem to give any options to achieve this effects. Is there a way to emit or generate rigid body objects from an emitter? If not is there another way to generate the rigid objects with emission rate and speed control. Any help would be greatly appreciated. BEST
  13. hello guys could u help me please ?
  14. BulletSOP 2.0.12

    Support H14 ?
  15. hey guys i can't Center Pivot ( Rotation Angular velocity ) !!! could u help me Center Pivot_ Dop Network.hip
  16. ​hi everybody i have a big problem with houdini 2014. some of the nodes have changed and when i do tutorial according the video my result is very different from the tutorial result. could u help me?! thanks alot Destruction Houdini 14.rar
  17. https://www.facebook.com/amincgi?fref=photo
  18. hey guys please Help me i need a destruction
  19. i put Rest Length 0 but it dont work again . see the selow image