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  1. Align object to preferred axis

    That is very good to know! I definitely have to get more in depth with it. Thanks again!
  2. Align object to preferred axis

    This is excellent! I was completely unaware of the existence of the Deformation Wrangle. Very clean and elegant approach. Thanks a lot David!
  3. Align object to preferred axis

    Hi everybody, I have a Houdini dilemma I hope somebody will help me to solve. I have a straight line. This line is located somewhere in the 3d space with it's own transforms and rotations. I would like to make a spiral out of this line keeping it's position. Now, what I have been doing is transform my line back to the origin, manually align the line to one of the axis, run some point expressions to transform it into a spiral (like the ones in the expression cookbook) and revert all these steps back till I have my spiral back in position. Which would be the way to procedurally align an object to a preferred axis? I thought about defining an up vector for the line, somehow compare it to the axis I like and multiply the line position with the resulting rotation matrix I get. Not succeeding though. Accepting any kind of tips on this. Thanks!
  4. Rbd or wire sim with 2d shape goal

    Hello everybody, I've been studying Houdini for quite a while now but still I find situations where I get terribly stuck. I need to produce a controlled simulation of a simple pearl bracelet which, after falling and landing on the ground, gets a precise 2d shape (a number for instance). I thought about creating a wire simulation and then copy spheres of the points after the sim, or make a rbd constraint of every pearl (which I realized I am not able). Yet, I don't understand how to drive the second part of the simulation, the one in which the bracelet moves to adapt to the 2d shape. I've worked with POP Attract or using a single point to advect RBD objects through a constant force but I feel these are far away from the solution. Could anyone help? An example scene would be much appreciated. Thanks a lot.