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  1. Custom wave as guide in flip

    How to use deformed custom animated wave from maya in Houdini as a guided object in the flip. what will be approach if you want to achieve the perfect storm ship and wave in the flip as in attachemnt. wave.mov
  2. fixed aim_dir_fixed.hip pop vop velocity is pointed to normal Thanks bees_v002.hip
  3. how to fix this aim direction?? aim_dir.hip
  4. Mplay error

    Mplay is not working.. mantra ipr also not working It shows in mantra node. Socket command exit :1 Mantra tile imager open failure:Tiled Mplay device:socket = (nil) pack =(nil) flip = 0 quit = 0 File:ip Mantra: Could not open imager
  5. I fallowed this tut .. otl is writing.. but maya is not loading it.. It says cant load otl file.. can we fix it?? Thanks
  6. Flip file set or tut plz

    i need a hip file to explain this or a video tut plz help http://www.joeraasch.com/journal/2014/2/12/pop-forces-in-flip-fluids like this i want particle to drive the flip... thanks kartik G kartikfx.com
  7. 3 flip interaction

    new to flip plz let me know how this 3 flip can interact.?? flips_interaction.hipnc
  8. 3 flip interaction

    could some can plz dwld that file attached and correct it.. as it has to be interacting..??? thanks
  9. Collapsing Flip Fluids

    hi i am new to flip plz let me know how this 3 flip fluids can intreact...??? attached file and image thanks.. flips_interaction.hipnc