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  1. Hi Cameron Thanks for the reply! I should have explained in my original post, I'm using cached Alembic animation and extracting the orient value from the packedIntrinsicTransform for use in DOP's and am unable to use the animated Static option. The only way it looks like I'm able to bring the changing orient values from SOP's into my sim is with the Overwrite Attributes box but I'm hoping to find a way to turn this overwriting off per packedobject at the frame each packedobject becomes active.
  2. Hi all! I'm currently trying to find a way that I can control when an attribute on packedrbdprims coming into DOP's gets written to from the "Overwrite Attribute from SOP" box and when it gets written to from the bullet sim I have set up. I have a set of packed primitives with rotation animation on them being fed into a bullet simulation, I'm also adding an "active" custom attribute which is being used by a SOP slover in DOP's with a vex wrangle inside it to activate them when the value equals one. What I also want to happen is have the orient attribute on each packedprim update from the existing vaules from SOP's right up until the point when the bullet solver takes over and begins writing to the orient value. I know that I can add orient to the "Overwrite Attribute from SOP" box but what I 'm hoping for is a way to disable this function for each object as they become active rigid bodies, essentially adding to the orient values that exist on that particular frame and continuing with the sims values. Instead of having the sim take the orient values that exist at the first frame or continually updating those values as the packedrigidbodys are influenced by the sim. I know its poor form but I'm afraid I dont have the project file on hand to upload, sorry guys :S hopefully I can upload it next week if anyone needs to see it. Any help would be massively appricated! Many thanks
  3. CarClaw Making Of

    Hi All So I've been using Houdini for less than a year and I've finally gotten myself to a level of competency to use it in a personal project I wanted to share the breakdown of. I don't know if its the learning curve or the level of control afforded by this program but I now consider myself a convert/Addict! https://vimeo.com/138758319 Its no where near the level of complexity I see the geniuses on hear kicking out but hopefully its the start on a path to one day becoming a Houdini FX TD in production! Let me know what you guys think, all constructive crit welcome I definitely want to learn and get better at this. Shout out to Guilherme Casagrandi, Bertrand Garnier and Diego Grimaldi who's Houdini prowess I piggybacked off to get the job done. Cheers! J.
  4. Shattering car windscreen effect

    Thanks for the tip-off Diego I'll check it out!
  5. Shattering car windscreen effect

    Hi All! Relatively new Houdini user hear already stretching my very finite knowledge to breaking point! I'm attempting to create a shattering car windscreen effect whereby the glass bends and contorts overall but at the same time breaks apart into smaller shards. I have my deforming windscreen geometry that I've brought in as an Alembic import (The animated geo's from a Maya Ncloth sim). I also have a static version of my windscreen geometry that I've shattered into glass fragments. I was hoping there might be a way to set up a constraint network whereby the glass fragments stick to the deforming Alembic geometry (Which I've turned into a Static RBD) while at the same time allowing me to pick and chose when the glass fragments fall away from the deforming object. I'm able to glue all the glass fragments together but having these follow along with the deforming imported geometry is a little beyond me at the moment Any suggestions for the set-up would be massively Appreciated!! J.
  6. Thanks for the help! I most definately wouldnt have spotted that being the problem.
  7. Hi All Im quite new to Houdini and have a possibly basic problem to tackle! I've set up a fracture system for a barrel I want to simulate exploding. In order to fracture each wooden plank of the barrel separatley (and avoid the voronoi fracture smooshing all the geometry together) I've used an assemble sop to split them out into primitive groups and a foreach node to iterate through each piece with my voronoi fracture setup. This seems to work well and the foreach node spits out my barrel with 25 primitive groups, each one fractured the way I want however when I create an RBD setup the second assemble SOP that creates the packed primitives doesnt pack all the individual shattered pieces correctly (either grouping to few primitives or if i tick "create name attribute" separating out every single polygon). As I say im relatively new to the wonders of houdini and might be missing something glaringly obvious with the way im handling primitive grouping down the node structure but any fresh insight into how I can send my shards to DOPs correctly would me massively appreciated. Thanks in advance for any help! J. FractureSetupTEST.hip Models.rar