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  1. city shapes to rectangles

    Wow thank you very much. Looks very promising I'm living here in the stoneage and it will take some time to rebuild your stuff in Houdini 13.
  2. city shapes to rectangles

    Hi I found this very interesting stuff vhacd4h http://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/43442/?page=2#post-200484 https://github.com/zhoub/vhacd4h Has someone compiled it already ?
  3. city shapes to rectangles

    Sorry for the late reply. Here is a an example File from my Scene. I converted the osm Files to a Obj with osm2World because i cant find a better script/tool to get all the stuff from a osm file(<relation v=multipolygon). @acey195 this is excatly what i tried, but didnt get a accectable Result. "convex decomposition" sounds great. I will read some stuff cityShape.hip I still found no proper solution, so if someone has fun with this stuff , i would be so happy.
  4. city shapes to rectangles

    Hi I need some help from the guys with the big brains . I have some complex Shapes from osm data inside houdini. So i want create some buildings out of this shapes .But the complexity of this polygons complicate the procedural modeling a lot. So it would be so much easier , if i have just rectangles or kind of rectangular Shape. So have someone an Idea how to achieve this ? It dont have to be total accurate. Read a lot about packing and packing Problem , but have to say that these Papers with 30 Pages of formulas are over my head. Please help
  5. Learning VOPSOP

    I just try to give this thread a new challenge. Project the input Mesh on a Plane facing to the camera @andrulis thanks for the file , i will look at it. because for the cone sampling i was to lazy last time.
  6. Learning VOPSOP

    Here is my occlusion AttrVop (no inline Code) https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/34893475/occ_10.hip
  7. Learning VOPSOP

    Nice thread I learned a lot from the last challenges. first pic is the shadow task. second pic " a new challange ?" built your own ambient occlusion in vops best regards rodstar