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  1. I am trying to make a water tank using FLIP, but I am having collision problems. The tank is hollow inside, I intend to render it as glass, but when the water collides with the surface of the tank it disappears. I have had to use surface collision as opposed to volume because the volume collision does not detect the hollow inside, it simply makes the collision the outer shell of the tank. I have attached a hip file to show what is happening, as well as the obj of the tank. I have tried increasing the collision offset, but it doesn't seem to have any effect, plus I can't go too far with it because it will plug the hole I have in the center. Any help would be greatly appreciated. WaterTankTest.hiplc WaterTank.obj EDIT: I did forget to mention, I am on 16.5.323
  2. Snapping to Nulls

    So, I feel like I am going all the way back to 3D 101 here, but I am stumped. I normally do not model in Houdini, but I find myself in the situation where I am having to do some scene reconstruction from tracked data. The tracked scene is coming from Syntheyes and it generates a Null for each tracked point. I need to snap to these nulls to create the various assets required for the shot, however, I cannot seem to snap to the Nulls like I do when I snap to a Locator in Maya. I have seen some related posts regarding rigging and trying to snap bones to Nulls, and I think this is related. Can you really not snap to a Null in 15.5?
  3. That worked, sort of. It just made for a really long list. I did an attribute create and wrote the variable value to it before the copy, but when I look a the geometry spreadsheet, it shows that value for every point on the geo that I copied/per instance. I worked around it by temporarily throwing a scatter node with one point in it to replace the stamped geo and that gave me one row per stamp. Thanks for the help. I got the issue with my expression worked out.
  4. Is it possible to list out the variable values being generated from a stamp coming from a copy node? I have an expression that is causing me issues, but I can't quite figure out what is wrong because I can't see what values are being generated for each stamp.
  5. Checkpoints causing weirdness in Pyro sim

    Ok, so a quick update. Apparently I just needed to do a full restart of my machine. I rebooted and now the checkpoints worked... once. I was able to play through the sim, stop it at some arbitrary frame to create a checkpoint. However, when I rewound to frame 1 and played again, the sim wouldn't do anything until it got to the checkpoint frame, then it would continue on. Strange
  6. So, I was trying to use checkpoints on my DOP network, but as soon as I play the simulation, the resize node never expands to contain my pyro sim. The sim runs, and the checkpoint is created, but the resize will not grow with the flame as it expands, so it winds up hitting the sides of the small container surrounding the source object.. Also, if I rewind and play the sim again, it skips simulating all frames between frame 1 and the first checkpointed frame. If I go in and turn off checkpoints, the sim runs like normal. Am I missing something? I know I have done this before, but I don't remember having this problem. I am attaching a test scene I made to show what I mean. It is just a torus set of fire with the smokeless flames shelf tool. To see the sim run correctly, just turn off Checkpoints. flametest.hipnc
  7. FLIP emitter stops emitting when underwater

    I am really sorry, I didn't have notifications turned on on this post and I forgot about it. I am back on this issue again and I have some samples to show what is happening. @Diego - Turning off the Kill Inside parameter definitely adds particles to the scene, however, for some reason it does not add volume to the water. I can see there are more particles in the scene where the volume exists, but it seems like that area stops obeying particle separation. @icarus - I am not sure what you mean. How do you source divergence? I made a simple scene demonstrating my issue. I also did a FlipBook showing what happens. I created a narrow FLIP volume and added a sphere as an emission source. I turned off Kill Inside as Diego mentioned, and I added Curl Noise to try and get the extra particles to move around and maybe mix better to create more volume. Here is the flipbook: https://youtu.be/Ml-FOIZGkEc The hip file is attached. It is the Apprentice version, just a heads up. FlipEmissionIssue.hipnc
  8. I had a quick question, or not so quick maybe. If I have a FLIP simulation where the emitter goes underwater, why does it stop emitting? I assume it is because it really isn't an emitter but a fluid source, and if there are already water particles in the source area it doesn't emit more. If this is the case, how can I force an emitter to push more water into the scene if the emission point is inside the water volume? I was trying to make a fountain where the water starts at the top and pours down the structure, but when I put the emitter at the top, it would stop emitting when the top bowl got full and covered the emission volume. I can post a sample file as soon as this render I am running finishes. But it is easy to recreate, just create a default FLIP tank, create a sphere and make it a particle fluid emitter, translate the sphere below the water line. When you hit play it will not do anything.
  9. Distorted font on batch render window

    Sweet, thanks. I didn't know there was another link to the various builds because the main download link only lets you download 14. I will bookmark this one though.
  10. I have a strange problem that just started when I began using Houdini FX 13.0.582 on OSX. The font on the batch render window is a wreck and I can't read what is going on. I am sure it is just a bug with this release, as version 343 looks fine. Does anyone know of a way to fix this? I can't go to 14 just yet, but I wanted to try and get 13 as current as possible. Unfortunately I can't find the download for the latest release of 13, only 14 is available in the download section of the sidefx site. Attached is a screen grab of what I see.
  11. Newbie Pyro Question

    Thanks guys. The SIM file works great. Much appreciated
  12. Newbie Pyro Question

    So, I have been a Maya FX artist for many years and I am just now really starting to dig in to Houdini. I have been working with PyroFX and have been loving it, except there is one thing that is absolutely driving me bonkers. In Maya I can set an initial state on a fluid container so that when I rewind the animation, the first frame is now preset to whatever frame I was on when I set the initial state. Which, in a nutshell, all it is doing is writing out a one frame cache file to the cache directory which is in turn read when you rewind to frame one. I cannot find an option for this in Houdini. I have tried manually doing what Maya does and writing out a cache file via a DOP I/O (which I used the Pyro preset for fields to export), but I don't know how to replug it back in to the container. I have tried connecting the initial data directly to the DOP I/O which was changed to Load from Disk, but I don't get any of the fire, just the density, velocity and part of the temperature. And the temperature values are real low, like they have been normalized. Could someone point me in the right direction to getting this to work? I think I am on the right track, I just don't know how to reconnect everything. Thanks alphajoe