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  1. Hi, is there a way to store a UT_Matrix3, for each of the particules in my DOP, that i won't lose between timesteps. (A way other that storing each row or column as a particule attribute)
  2. Thanks for this explanation edward
  3. Iterating over voxels

    If i may ask a question kind of related to this topic : can anyone tell me how to properly use a UT_VoxelArrayIteratorV4 to iterate over a SIM_VectorField. For now what i'm doing is : UT_VoxelArrayIteratorF myvectorFieldIterator[3]; for (int i = 0; i < 3; i++) { myvectorFieldIterator[i].setArray(myvectorField->getField(i)->fieldNC()); myvectorFieldIterator[i].rewind(); } and what i would like to do is : UT_VoxelArrayIteratorV4 myvectorFieldIterator; myvectorFieldIterator.setArray(myvectorField->getField()->fieldNC()); But it seems i can't set a UT_VoxelArrayV4 to the UT_VoxelArrayIteratorV4 with the setArray() method =/
  4. Up ! Need to understand the collision detection process with hdk too
  5. How to apply a SIM_Force

    Thanks! i almost did the same but forgot to include the mass of my particules
  6. How to apply a SIM_Force

    I tried using the getForce() function on each of my points. So now i retrieve the force as a vector that is equal to (0.0, -9.80665, 0.0) wich is exactly my gravity so it's great. I guess i have to apply this force on my own on each of my points according to the timestep or the framestep.
  7. How to apply a SIM_Force

    Yep that's exactly what i want to do
  8. How to apply a SIM_Force

    I'm now wondering what's the difference between getForce() and applyNoise in the SIM_Force class. I'm guessing that i should use applyNoise if i want to apply a force on my points.
  9. Hi guys, i'm trying to apply a force on the points of a geometry. So far i have a DOP network where i retrieve my geometry and its points, i give these points a mass and a velocity in my solver i'm coding. Then i add a gravity node. I read this article in the documentation : http://www.sidefx.com/docs/hdk13.0/_h_d_k__op_basics__sim_solver.html#HDK_OpBasics_SimSolver_ExternalForces that explains how to retrieve the forces in the DOP network but then how can i apply them to my points? Tell me if you need more informations. Thanks.
  10. houdini snow solver

    Check the SNOW_Solver.h file at the beginning : /* * The simplest network to see something working with this... * * Empty Object SnowVisualize * \ / * Snow VoxelArray * | * Snow Solver (Birth rate .1) */