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  1. yes, i'm using mantra renderer in the "Render View" tab - it's one of the default tabs when you launch a vanilla houdini
  2. I guess my problem with materials is that I can only seem to create them in /mat - I can't make a material network in a SOP network and I can't create a material in SHOP network. I want to do this so I can include a color assignment in an otl. Maybe that's what I'm doing wrong. Can you tell me how I can create a material that can be stored in a SOP otl?
  3. I know about materials! This is more a technical question, I want to understand why they look different. The help in the UV Quick Project node doesn't explain how it applies the shading. I was wondering if anyone on here knows why they look different.
  4. Hi people, Disclaimer: I'm pretty new to houdini and I'm probably using it in a way more basic way that most people. I really like the basic Color SOP node, using that to apply a color to geometry. However, if I want to apply a texture map to geometry, I've been using the UVQuickShade SOP. My question is - if create two cubes and apply a color 1,0,0 using Color SOP to one, and I apply UVQuickShade using an image that is constant color 1,0,0 to the other, why do the two cubes look different in the viewport and in renders? Render Hip
  5. Hi people, I had some code which I was running to find the rendered image in the "Render View" pane and save it to file. _desktop = hou.ui.curDesktop() _ipr = _desktop.paneTabOfType(hou.paneTabType.IPRViewer) _ipr.saveFrame(_file) This was running fine in Houdini 17. However, since updating to Houdini 18 (I'm using 18.0.440), the desktop object seems like it can't find the IPR pane, the paneTabOfType method is returning None. Anyone have any ideas what I can do to get this working? Thanks, Henry
  6. I had this exact same issue with my dell inspiron - it was working fine and then something updated which stopped the interface from drawing just like in the screenshot at the top. sidefx support said I should update to the latest drivers, dell update said i had the latest driver, but intel update said there was a graphics driver that i couldn't install because dell has custom graphics drivers. i contacted dell support and the guy uninstalled the intel graphics driver on my machine by going to: start > device manager > display adaptors > intel(R) UHD graphics 620 > uninstall device maybe it's better to let a support person do that though haha, it seems extreme! this made houdini give an error on launch about opengl 3 not being supported. he then had me reinstall houdini - that fixed the issue, i was able to launch houdini and the interface all draws properly. his advice was to avoid using the intel update software, only use the dell one.
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