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  1. Multiple Vellum Copies Deforming High Res Geo

    point deform is slow even if you use its per piece capture and deform. i suggest use bone capture / bone deform.
  2. Crowd blendshape

    bump, seems though the corrective blendshapes shows on rendertime, but PSD wont, cause it doesnt even register in the agentchannels.
  3. Testing Renderman 23 for work and I can't get lights to work

    ok, i seem to miss a new env called RFHTREE, which loads the renderman lops and other stuff, seems really buggy though pxr material builder always crash, ill do karma for now
  4. Testing Renderman 23 for work and I can't get lights to work

    how did you output a renderman usd graph? i dont seem to have a renderman/prman lop unlike karma
  5. Houdini 19 Wishlist

    in shop/mat context allow "op" sintax for pcopen ( for texture bombing workflows ) more attention in improving handles
  6. Nuke vs COPs

    last i check cops has no deep support. but i would love to see SESI steal the thunder.
  7. Houdini 18 Wishlist

    a faster gascurveforce that can handle hundreds of primitive would be nice.. the latest chokes in hyperthread.
  8. Solaris Reveal

    so does this mean /obj could potentially be animation/rigging context and LOP will be that topmost level, where people can collaborate?. can't help but notice that LOPs does mostly the same as /obj but just has a more potential for proceduralism. why not omit /obj entirely and replace it with LOPs, animation and rigging context can go to CHOPS.. if so does this mean that .hip will be replaced by usd?. SESI is really having me clueless of the future, but its exciting.
  9. Recreating Gas Particle to Field?

    whats hard to recreate is its speed, gasparticletofield dop is really fast compare to sopsolver sourcing. even if you try sourcing with gasfieldvop its a tough competition.. so unless you really need a something special i suggest stick with it.
  10. bounding box orient to emitter pyro

    the box that i made from an instance point actually had an orientation, its defined by the @N = {1,0,0}, and @pivot, with this you can do something like that video, apart from the resize timing. can't share the file for this, but like i said apart from the timing, thats all you need. mine is a little different since im creating the boxes at rest field solves, so i can plant a noise later.
  11. Captain Marvel FX?

    here is what im talking about https://pepefx.blogspot.com/2015/08/how-to-create-magnetic-vector-field-in.html
  12. question about "Quaternion rotation"

    looks darn complicated, how bout this quat_that_box.hipnc
  13. Mixing Position based on active frame

    0 is the "input number" of the node, and 1 means "2nd component" of the vector or array. this things counts from 0.