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  1. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    remove the UI stuff on pyro vops. single responsibility principle.. this nodes should not bother about UI, instead focus on delivering their promised effect
  2. Choosing between Coat & ZBrush ?

    if your interested in texturing. 3D coat, otherwise ZB+mari, really popular combo
  3. Linux Mint pros cons

    cinnamon can get bananas sometimes. try xfce for optimality. there is also manjaro, but since its not deb there might be some apps not ready for it.. i hope the IT world just do sources.
  4. Advecting POPs with a Velocity Field???

    wrong section.
  5. how null objects draw ontop of geometry?

    awesome! thanks
  6. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    command or function counterpart of shelf tools. one that doesn't go into view states. this can be good for scripting
  7. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    - have multple output from object subnet. or atleast in object level HDA. - python support for handles, or maybe a better way of setting up handles. - a way to extend or install a custom component in the new autorig. (my concern mainly is to save small portions of my rigs, automating the whole thing doesn't seem to be a houdini way. but i understand that this is the trend) - seems also that HDA now saves the userdata in its definition. that seems an odd behavior. is it intended? or bug? - the path+ikspline combo supports 360+ twist. but it seems like the "deform by bones" sop will flip anyways going beyond 360 - "save content as lock" doesn't work if the asset was once had it turned off. ( can't lock it anymore ). - in the "change operator type", it would be nice to see the "version" namespace. - im using houdini 16.0.504, linux mint 3.2.7, forgive me if most bugs i said was squashed.
  8. Houdini/Linux on a Alienware

    hey i do install my drivers from nvidia, i don't hate myself most of the time i do it to so i can have cuda that nuke likes
  9. H16 at Siggraph?

    that's the pose tool alright.
  10. Houdini 16 Wishlist

    "create intermediate directory" option when saving flipbooks. this is important when iterating on sims we just can't render yet, so when people like to see your progress/variations, we can save flips, and this makes it faster
  11. Python: Deleted Node Check

    import os.path obj = "" nodename = os.path.basename(foo) kids = map( lambda x: x.name(), node.children() ) if nodename in kids: obj = hou.node(foo) could this suffice? im sure you can use filter() straight after map() or you can just do: raise hou.Error("no such node in object") or raise ValueError("no such node in object") somewhere in the code edit: i noticed its a path
  12. deep image - continuous and discrete

    looks missing in the render properties, the property name is "vm_dcmdepthinterp".
  13. VEX : point -> pointwrangle

    try this: whenever you see "&" sign, sort of means it will modify the data in it. here is the function from the documentation: void getbbox(int input, vector min&, vector max&) -----code---- //empty vectors vector min; vector max; getbbox(0, min, max); //find bbox f@ymax = max.y; //export edit: should be float sorry
  14. pin with packed?

    i was thinking of the same thing although glue constraint doesn't seem to respect world space anchors, we probably need to place bogus packed objects for it to attached to, and set it to never collide unto anything, hopefully in the future we get more opitons, glue has this nice ability to bunch objects together as one, unlike the hard/pin constraint which will stretch or jitter, seems to me that glue is much more worthy of the name hard constraint.