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  1. Best Linux district for Houdini VFX

    you mean distro? its hard to follow the trends on linux distros, but so far i haven't had any serious problems in linux mint.
  2. Karma Vex Volume Procedural?

    looks like i did, thanks mate!
  3. Karma Vex Volume Procedural?

    Hello pips, I was puzzled all night trying to make Vex volume procedural to work in Karma, with a most basic setup of loading and sampling a density field inside LOP material library, Im starting to wonder if its supported, I swear I saw somewhere that volume procedurals are a go.
  4. KARMA phatom / matte objects

    awesome thanks
  5. KARMA phatom / matte objects

    hello anyone here knows how to phantom or matte objects in karma? ive been setting up my scene in lops, im at a point that i want to setup mattes / ray visibility.
  6. What are derivatives?

    did you have use case for jerk ?
  7. Multiple Vellum Copies Deforming High Res Geo [SOLVED]

    point deform is slow even if you use its per piece capture and deform. i suggest use bone capture / bone deform.
  8. Crowd blendshape

    bump, seems though the corrective blendshapes shows on rendertime, but PSD wont, cause it doesnt even register in the agentchannels.
  9. Testing Renderman 23 for work and I can't get lights to work

    ok, i seem to miss a new env called RFHTREE, which loads the renderman lops and other stuff, seems really buggy though pxr material builder always crash, ill do karma for now
  10. Testing Renderman 23 for work and I can't get lights to work

    how did you output a renderman usd graph? i dont seem to have a renderman/prman lop unlike karma
  11. Houdini 19 Wishlist

    in shop/mat context allow "op" sintax for pcopen ( for texture bombing workflows ) more attention in improving handles
  12. Nuke vs COPs

    last i check cops has no deep support. but i would love to see SESI steal the thunder.
  13. Houdini 18 Wishlist

    a faster gascurveforce that can handle hundreds of primitive would be nice.. the latest chokes in hyperthread.