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  1. Nuke vs COPs

    last i check cops has no deep support. but i would love to see SESI steal the thunder.
  2. Houdini 18 Wishlist

    a faster gascurveforce that can handle hundreds of primitive would be nice.. the latest chokes in hyperthread.
  3. Solaris Reveal

    so does this mean /obj could potentially be animation/rigging context and LOP will be that topmost level, where people can collaborate?. can't help but notice that LOPs does mostly the same as /obj but just has a more potential for proceduralism. why not omit /obj entirely and replace it with LOPs, animation and rigging context can go to CHOPS.. if so does this mean that .hip will be replaced by usd?. SESI is really having me clueless of the future, but its exciting.
  4. Recreating Gas Particle to Field?

    whats hard to recreate is its speed, gasparticletofield dop is really fast compare to sopsolver sourcing. even if you try sourcing with gasfieldvop its a tough competition.. so unless you really need a something special i suggest stick with it.
  5. bounding box orient to emitter pyro

    the box that i made from an instance point actually had an orientation, its defined by the @N = {1,0,0}, and @pivot, with this you can do something like that video, apart from the resize timing. can't share the file for this, but like i said apart from the timing, thats all you need. mine is a little different since im creating the boxes at rest field solves, so i can plant a noise later.
  6. Captain Marvel FX?

    here is what im talking about https://pepefx.blogspot.com/2015/08/how-to-create-magnetic-vector-field-in.html
  7. question about "Quaternion rotation"

    looks darn complicated, how bout this quat_that_box.hipnc
  8. Mixing Position based on active frame

    0 is the "input number" of the node, and 1 means "2nd component" of the vector or array. this things counts from 0.
  9. Mouse causing hand wrist pain

  10. Captain Marvel FX?

    reminds me of that magnetic field algorithm that everyone seems to be crazy about these past few months.
  11. bounding box orient to emitter pyro

  12. bounding box orient to emitter pyro

    quite a bugger right?. wait till you work with vector fields. its the sopmergefield dop, i did mention a request to provide a "transform by position option". any ways you can just use a gasfieldwrangle with a volumesample/volumesamplev to get your sources. or a sopsolver with an objectmerge sop set as "into this object" to avoid it. it shouldnt be that much of a problem
  13. Houdini 18 Wishlist

    these are more like small changes instead of a wish, im putting it here since i know devs love wishlist threads --in linuxmint tessa cinnamon, middle click ladder causes crashes. --implement the "cluster" attribute in pyrocluster workflow. --have an compensate dopobject transform in sopmergefield and gasparticle to field --clear caches using python --cooperation between dop wrangles and copydata dop --findattribvaluecount vop's output is "elemid", should it be "elmcount" ? --primuv vop is labeled "Primitive Attribute" which i easily confused with importprim vop. --"embed icon in operator" should not darken the icon, it doesnt if the extra file is done manually. -- remake game of thrones finale... does sidefx have that kind of influence?
  14. Pyro renders taking way too long

    i find that adding a volumelimit or geolights spikes volume renders up to 10 folds. --check does out, and if like internal scattering, go with geolight my test shows its atleast 2x faster than having a volume limit of 1 or just add a glow in comp and don't do emissive lights, you'll be lightning fast