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  1. Hi. It works well. thank you!!! But can you explain. why my setup doesn't work, why do you use this path /obj/AutoDopNetwork/glue_box_object1:Relationships/glue_box_object1/constraintnetwork/Geometry instead import relationship. like in my setup. thank you.
  2. Hi. I need help to understand why my scene doesn't work, i need to paint pieces, when glue constraint break. I use sop solver where try to import relationship data and transfer attribute to my dynamic pieces. Thank you. Paint_Break_Pieces.hip
  3. Hello, everyone! I need to connect all points from one scattered geometry with other one by distance. In example file i'm trying to find closest point and connect both of them by curve, using add sop. But for several points on first geometry pcopen vex function finds the same point on another geometry. I need some logic in vex code to avoid that. For example, if first point on first geo gets closest point on another geo then next point will get next point, which ordered by distance. Thanks. I hope for your help. Connect_Points.hipnc
  4. Fit peak values of channel to range (0,1)

    I did that with trigger, count and math chops.
  5. Fit peak values of channel to range (0,1)

    I found a bit another way, but your way is easier. Thank you very much.
  6. Hello. I have a lot of channels with different peaks and with different number of them. I'm trying to fit value of them with vopchop to range (0,1). Can you help me to do that. Thank you. I've attached two images for your understanding of my problem.
  7. Deforming packed geometry doesn't work in DOPS

    Thank you for your answer. I need to use packed objects, because i will be use a lot of them. They are very faster then ordinary bullet primitives. If i unpack them in SOP solver, RBD packed object node throws error about attribute NAME, because it use only 1_point object. Maybe exist another way to scale particles in this network?
  8. I use sop solver for deform my spheres in DOPS, but they don't interact together correctly. Help me please!!! spheres2.hip