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  1. Motion vector pass for pyro

    Hi GuysI faced a problem recently while rendering out my motion vector pass for pyro.I had cached out my pyro sim with a vel multiplier through volume vop as I did not want to change the shutter offset value more than 1 as it was giving me some artifacts.While rendering the motion blur what I get is fine as I have already a premultiplied velocity in my pyro cache.the issue is when I try to get a motion vector in my aov mantra doesnot show any info when I switch off the allow image motion blur option.When I keep it on then I get to see the aov. Strangely if I keep the allow image motion blur option switched off and put a value of shutter offset 1.1 then mantra starts showing the aov.I fail to understand this as I had already had vel multipler vop while caching it out and thus I dont need any shutter offset value(its at default value 1).NOTE: I tried h14 and h16 all same results.(just thought maybe due to some bug issue)Please advice.
  2. Hello ,I am a beginner with houdini ,and was trying to sim a flowing river .My process was at sop level i made the river geo and constructed a ocean source after fixing the ocean spectrum,Then i created a dop network and inside called the ocean source at flip object and simulated the flipsolver.Now the issue is that how i see the ocean spectrum driving the ocean source ,it doesnot drive the flip particles in same manner..(i have used popadvect volume and called in the velocity of the ocean source),in the first few frames it does look like the flip is moving forward but after some time it just dies off.I am confused as is it happening because of the terrain collision or is my pop advect volume not working properly.To avoid using the pop advect volume i also took out the velocity information from the ocean evaluate node and used it as a source volume on the volume velocity in my flip solver but this also gives me the same result.I have attached a small file somewhat similar to what i am doing.Can u guys please help me understand this issue.Also with this i was wodering that if i wanted to generate whitewater ,then how do i do it.I do undeerstand that the whitewater source calls DOP IO node,but in my case there is no such node as i manually created the flip solver inside my dopnet so when i select my flip fluid and click on whitewater it gives me an error saying it needs a flip object.I am unable to understand in this case how do i create whitewater. FlipTank_DrivenBy_OceanSource.hip