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  1. extrude volume the image

    Thank you, it will very similar Now I need to understand how to generate z-channel from sequence color 2D images. any idea ? 20160114.mov
  2. extrude volume the image

    is an example. this task 1. there are 2d animated character. 2. The need to make the geometry of the image. 3. projection texture to the resulting geometry.
  3. extrude volume the image

    Thank you. apparently I'm not accurate written. I do not need volumegeo or fluid. need to output getting geometry. very similar to the color image in compositing ps. i use google translate
  4. extrude volume the image

    Hi guys I need your help. sequencing have pictures on the composite make soft edges. I need extrude for sequencing to get volumetric character. something like in the picture. file https://yadi.sk/d/xiA_NcY6msDCy
  5. compositing&3d

    Hi all ! my demoreel
  6. eetu's lab

    Hi eetu! very interesting effect of i3d volume with fractal images. can you post hip file or explain how to do this.
  7. particle

    Hello !!! I want particles to emit on surface, stick to it (to follow when it moves and deforms) and then at a specified moment get released and affected by forces. boom_sand_v02.hip
  8. Displacement video tutorial

    Good tutorial,thank ! next tutorial make big resolution and dowload please
  9. Camera Projection tutorial fixed.

    Hi Symbolic !! please attach you scene
  10. Mark ! please compile to production build 9.1.179
  11. Free Chops Intro Class

    andrewlowell - very nice video
  12. Chaotic Movement

    Hi Jason ! No reference . Only the concept The hand twists the machine and to become covered by black spots (blurriness movement and smoking), the hand leaves a trace/trail (a black smoke)
  13. Chaotic Movement

    Hi ALL It is impossible to make chaotic slow movement on a surface =( Any help or ideas would be great... particle_creep_V01.rar
  14. Fire

    nice fire thanks MIguel for hip