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  1. Changing constraint_name Dynamically

    Can you upload your HIP file? Thank you. Edit: I uploaded my new test. At frame 40 constraint anchors place in wrong position. Can anyone help to fix it? spring_to_glue_test.hipnc
  2. Changing constraint_name Dynamically

    Yes, Exactly.
  3. Changing constraint_name Dynamically

    Thanks dear Jesper. I knew this. I think it is a good optimization for RBD simulations where we can switch to glue when any collisions happen and switch back to spring when collision are coming. Also we can ensure in glue constraint any wobbles would happen unlike spring or hard constraint... So I'm looking for a way to maintain the shape after switching from glue to spring or hard constraint.
  4. Hello guys. I have a question about bullet constraint in Houdini. I think it is a good issue in simulating RBDs and constraints. The goal is to change constraint type from hard, spring, cone twist, etc to glue dynamically during simulation via SOP Solver. I can change constraint_name primitive attribute from spring to glue successfully. But after a moment when I want to back to spring constraint all deformation which I have in glue constraint will be reset to original shape! I attached a HIP file to see what I'm looking for. In this HIP file that I take this from Houdini 13 Bullet Masterclass, at frame 14 constraint type will be changed to glue when wall is bend. At frame 40 I change constraint_name to spring again but wall returns to original shape whereas I want to maintain bending. Can I do this with Bullet? If we can't do this, it would be a great RFE to optimize RBD simulations and creating nice effects. Thank you so much. spring_to_glue.hipnc
  5. hey guys i have question about compound geometry representation. how can use this option in bullet for have correct collision in Houdini?because when i set geometry representation to compound my active object is not active any more! any help will be appreciated.