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  1. FLIP tank + wind force = flickers crazily??? (urgent, ahhhhh)

    Yes and here's my hip file. Thank you! fliptank_flicker.hipnc
  2. I have a very big river scene, it's a very simple scene with just a FLIP tank. I want my FLIP tank to generate some waves as time goes by, so I added the wind force right after my FLIP object node. But now I noticed a very big problem, as the frame hit aroud 130, the whole river starts to flicker. And it flickers crazily after frame 160... Can someone please help me? My deadline is coming really soon!! Arghhhhhhhhh!!!
  3. Particle motion question...

    I'm a newbie in Houdini and I'm working on creating fireworks. I have this question, it maybe simple but I've worked on try to solve this for an afternoon... How could I make the firework trail to be thicker at the top? (Like this and this) Right now my firework trail is looking something like the image below. Is it something to do with the pscale? And could anyone tell me how can I achieve this? Thank you very much. particles.hipnc
  4. Make tips for fireworks?

    I tried to add a property node there to control the size of the particles at the tip, and although I have the source group set to split, but in the render every particle gets affected. No matter which source group I set to, all the particles get enlarged. I feel it's a stupid question but I don't know where did I do wrong... firework_test_02.hipnc
  5. Make tips for fireworks?

    Thank you But how could I know which particle is at the tip of the fireworks?
  6. Make tips for fireworks?

    Hi all, I'm new to Houdini, and right now I'm working on making fireworks. I want to make this kind of fireworks, which has very obvious sphere/oval shape at the tip. Like this: http://oldhallowellday.files.wordpress.com/2011/01/bill-haley-ohd-2010-4.jpg http://www.nickomargolies.com/big/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/july4th-fireworks.jpg From the fireworks example file that I found on Odforce forum, I'm able to create the fireworks without the tip. But I'm wondering how could I make tips like that? Could anyone please show me how to do it? I asked my professor several times, but he is too busy to help me and each time I asked, we always get interrupted by other students. In the end, I got nothing answered.... firework_test_01.hipnc